Aruba Networks Product Demo: Location Printing Services Using Low-Energy Beacons

Aruba Networks is leveraging Bluetooth Low-Energy technology to power indoor location services with beacons that can easily attach to a variety of devices such as a printer.

"What we've done is we actually created something called location-aware printing," said Alan Ni, head of vertical marketing for Aruba. "From an infrastructure perspective, we don’t need to go hang an access point with a Bluetooth beacon down here with cabling. We basically attached one of these beacons directly to the printer."

The small, low-power wireless beacons transmit radio signals to devices equipped with Aruba's Meridian-powered mobile apps, which is providing the company and its channel partners with vast amounts of use cases in various verticals such as retail, hospitals, public venues or inside the workplace.

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"Instead of putting them in the access point themselves, we feel that for some of these specific use cases you often need these things in proximity to assess what your trying to serve," said Ni.

In the video, Ni gives CRN a walkthrough of a use case for printers using Aruba's beacon technology inside the company's demo lab at its Sunnyvale, Calif., headquarters.