Aerohive CMO: Broadcom Acquisition Of Brocade-Ruckus Creates 'A Mess' For Partners

Broadcom’s planned $5.9 million acquisition of Brocade-Ruckus has created "a mess" for Brocade-Ruckus partners, according to Aerohive CMO David Greene.

’Just last week I was talking to a very large Ruckus partner who’s now going to work with us just because of the uncertainty of what’s happening,’ Greene told CRN. ’I think you’ve got partners who’ve made investments in a product line, and now they have no idea what that product’s going to be.’

While Aerohive said it is gaining new partners, it also recently expanded its SD-LAN portfolio.

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’I think from a partner standpoint there’s some really interesting business opportunities that come with that,’ Greene said.

Aerohive has found additional success this year in the retail space, helping brick-and-mortar retail stores compete with online giants like

’What they’re finding is that technology, specifically connectivity technology, gives you the way to do that,’ Greene said.

In 2017, Aerohive will focus on the ’value-add of the software and data sets that come from the network.’

’The really exciting things in this space is, ’What can I do with the information that the network tells me?’ Greene said.