Extreme Networks Channel Chief: 'We're The Speedboat' In The Networking Market

Networking vendor Extreme Networks is aiming to out-do its competitors, most notably Cisco and Hewlett Packard Enterprise's Aruba, by serving as an alternative that's more agile and more focused on profitability.

That was the message Tuesday from Extreme Networks Channel Chief Gordon Mackintosh during the company's 2017 Global Partner Summit in Orlando, Fla.

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"I'm sure you guys are aware that networking's had its challenges in terms of profitability. The No. 1 and No. 2, when you're selling those vendors, you might be running up against six or seven different competitors," Mackintosh said, referring to Cisco and HPE-Aruba as the top two networking vendors. "Margins are racing to zero. Our commitment is to maintain profitability on Extreme and use it as a massive differentiator."

Extreme is also focused on moving faster than its larger rivals, Mackintosh said.

"We are not the oil tanker sitting in the top of the ocean, which is kinda choppy at the moment because the market's in transition," he said. "We are not the oil tanker, we're the speedboat, and we're going to move quickly with you and skip along the waves to success. That's my commitment to you, that our company will remain as agile as possible so that you can be highly responsive to your customers."

In connection with the Global Partner Summit, Extreme Networks on Tuesday introduced its new Extreme Partner Program, which combines existing programs and technologies acquired from Avaya, Brocade Communications, and Zebra Technologies into a single unified program packed with channel incentives.

The unified program offers the broadest solution set Extreme has ever had, Mackintosh said in an earlier interview with CRN. The new program is designed to better enable and reward partners through new marketing development funds, cross-selling incentives, training, specializations and increased margin, he said.

"If you want to make your business more valuable over the next few years, then Extreme is the place to be," Mackintosh said during the Global Partner Summit Tuesday.