Third Day Recap From Cisco Live: Technology Partners React From Show Floor

Cisco’s intent-based networking strategy is resonating well with its technology partners.

At Cisco Live, the San Jose, Calif.-based technology conglomerate announced that it would make its intent-based network platforms open, allowing for the management of third-party devices. Partners, like cloud management software vendor ScienceLogic, say it’s a wise move as the industry moves to become an automated IT environment.

’The industry is moving this direction. It’s a smarter way to solve problems, faster and more effective than what we had to do in the past, which was really manually driven,’ said Raj Patnam. ’Today, we’re really using a lot of automation capabilities to drive where the world is going.’

ScienceLogic has been working with Cisco since 2008. At the show, the vendor debuted its SL1 AIOps platform, which Cisco currently uses identify potential problems across its data centers and launch automated solutions. The product uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze data.

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’It essentially connects the applications to the underlying infrastructure and maps them in real time so you totally have a real, complete picture of the performance and health of what that mission critical service is doing at any given time,’ said Murali Nemani, chief marketing officer of ScienceLogic.

Paul Giblin, senior solution architect at Presidio, also noted the benefits of an open network platform.

’It’s programmability front-and-center, he said. ’We started last year with DNA Center and some basic functionality and now we have assurance and now there’s a push to all the third-party integrations and the extensibilities through APIs. For me, that’s liberating.’

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