HPE Discover Day Two Highlights: GreenLake Hybrid Cloud, Intelligent Edge And More

The second day of HPE Discover was jam-packed with announcements -- and partners say they like what they heard.

’We’ve seen this shift of an understanding where to focus, where to have that level of development and investment in a way that makes sense,’ said Clayton Weise, director of cloud services at Key Information Systems, a regional systems integrator based in Agoura Hill, Calif. that specializes in storage, compute and networking solutions.

One of the biggest pieces of news was HPE’s introduction of GreenLake Hybrid Cloud, an industry first that lets users manage enterprise workloads in public and private clouds using automation and remote services. It comes after the November launch of HPE GreenLake, which at the time was limited to on-premises deployments.

’It is a new consumption experience designed to help you manage and optimize your on- and off-premises clouds, including AWS, Azure and Google,’ said Neri.

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’A lot of partners are trying to transition into a service-related business and I think where different programs like Flex Cap and GreenLake come in is they provide a unified way to finance, pay for it and acquire and kind of deal with and manage those type of resources,’ said Weise.

HPE CEO Antonio Neri made the announcements on Tuesday. It was his first keynote at HPE Discover as the company’s CEO and he made it clear he wanted the audience to view HPE as a new company.

Neri also announced an HPE Aruba SD-Branch solution. The SD-Wan solution integrates Aruba Branch Gateways with the Aruba Central Cloud Management Platform.

’With our new Aruba SD-Branch solution you can now easily connect branch to cloud in minutes, accelerate performance and time to value,’ said Neri.

’This sounds like this is going to reduce staff work by over 75-percent,’ said Rich Baldwin, chief strategy officer at Nth Generation, an IT consulting and engineering firm based in California.

Neri also created buzz around edge computing, describing it as a revolution in the computing era. He announced that HPE will invest $4 billion dollars over the next four years in the intelligent edge.