HPE Discover Partner View: Softcat CEO Graeme Watt Says HPE's On A Good Track

Graeme Watt is feeling good about what’s to come for HPE.

’I think the main message is HPE is on a good track,’ said Watt, the CEO of Softcat, an IT infrastructure provider based in the U.K. ’I think they have a very simple, very well-verbalized strategy. They clearly have technology to support that strategy and I think the engagement from partners is strong and improving even further.’

Watt’s comments came during HPE’s customer and partner conference, HPE Discover, held June 18-21. It was the first time Antonio Neri led the conference as CEO, and Watt says it’s clear that he’s enjoying his new role.

’I’ve been very impressed with Antonio. He’s been bouncing around full of energy and mojo, and I think it’s very important for us to see how confident he is about HPE’s recent performance,’ said Watt.

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Watt says he found the new release and announcements concerning HPE OneView to be particularly exciting. HPE OneView, the company's software-defined platform, allows users to compose fluid pools of physical and virtual compute, storage, and fabric resources into any configuration as needed for any application.

’I think that really brings together the holistic approach to all of the things Antonio’s been talking about with edge computing…about how that’s cloud-enabled and data-driven,’ said Watt.

For more of Watt’s take on HPE Discover watch CRNtv’s video.