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Cisco CEO Recalls 30 years of Innovation At Cisco Live

CEO Chuck Robbins discusses Cisco’s success and transformation during his keynote at Cisco Live, a conference now three decades old.

It’s not often that you get to wear a birthday hat at a technology conference, but this week marked a special anniversary for Cisco Live: 30 years since day one.

“Does anybody recognize that sound?” asked CEO and Chairman Chuck Robbins during his keynote on Monday as the tone of internet dial-up vibrated throughout the San Diego Convention Center.

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“We have come from a place where I started in technology where we were viewed as some group in the basement of a building,” he said. “Think about what we have accomplished together. We can now deliver healthcare into rural parts of emerging countries all around the world through the use of technology - same with education. Think about how things have changed.”

Cisco attracted nearly 30,000 analysts, partners and customers to Cisco Live this year, a big increase from 30 years ago when the event was called “Networkers.” Cisco used the anniversary to showcase its ongoing transformation with software that’s aimed to revolutionize traditional networking.

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“Over the last two years we’ve been bringing out technology to build this multi-domain intent-based network, where we will connect any user on any device on any network to any application,” said David Goeckeler, Executive VP of Cisco’s Network and Security Business.

Goeckeler unveiled a new series of software enhancements for the network, which included more artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation. The enhancements promise more visibility and insights into the network data.

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To learn more about Cisco’s evolution over the last 30 years, watch CRN’s video included in this article.

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