• New Products Try To Spurn Spam

    The latest antispam products aren't content trying to block spam from reaching end users. Instead, they're taking the battle to the spammers, trying to keep the offending messages off the Net in first place. Instead of worrying about actual spam messages, these products go after the connections used to send the offending messages.

  • Vendors Bulk Up Instant-Messaging Wares

    Almost everyone outside the IT department loves instant messaging. This week, several companies showed off their efforts to boost interoperability, archiving and storage features of popular IM products--hopefully making them more palatable to IT staff in an era of new regulations.

  • EDS CEO Says His IT Beats IBM

    IT services giant EDS may not yet be posting the big numbers that it once did, but the Plano, Texas-based company is formalizing a strategy for reclaiming the sure footing it once took for granted. The company, which has endured management upheaval, customer spats and sagging sales in the past two years, has new contracts in the pipeline and shares trading near its 52-week high.

  • Is Another Bubble Building

    Though it seems that the economic rebound is just getting started, there's already concern that another bubble-burst may be coming. It may not be right around the corner, but that doesn't mean it's far away.

  • The Merits of Specialization

    Talk about flying under the radar. Through a combination of good luck and good business sense, Birmingham, Ala.-based Command Alkon (ranked No. 376 on the 2003 VARBusiness 500 list of top solution providers) has latched onto a market so arcane that it's virtually without competition. "We focus on the construction-materials market, [which] has not drawn the attention of major software organizations," says Ken Robinson, founder, president and CEO of the 350-employee integrator.

  • Offshore Casualties Speak Out

    Is offshore outsourcing creating new opportunities for IT workers, or is it ruining the lives of hundreds of thousands of Americans? It depends on whom you ask, of course, but clearly it is an emotionally charged issue that will only intensify this year. Perhaps it's because the presidential campaign is now in full swing, but tensions are picking up.

  • iPod’s Dirty Little Secret Makes Users Sing the Blues

    It's one of the most successful gadgets of all time, a design champion that harkens back to the original Walkman, Macintosh and VCR. It is, of course, the Apple iPod, 2 million of which have been sold to date. Great music made simple, users rave. At least for a while anyway. And therein lies the rub.