• SSTP Simplifies Sales Tax Laws For Businesses

    It's bad enough having to pay taxes, but coping with labyrinthine sales tax rules of 50 states makes the process all the more painful. Now try to find an accounting package that handles multiple tax codes and reporting guidelines from all over the country. Go ahead, try.

  • <I>CRN</I> Interview: Martin Taylor, Microsoft

    As general manager for platform strategies at Microsoft, Martin Taylor leads the company's charge to contain open-source technology. In an interview with CRN Editor In Chief Michael Vizard, Taylor discusses the lessons Microsoft is learning from rising customer interest in open source. Here is an excerpt:

  • Briefs: Hindsight And Foresight, March 1, 2004

    The moving and shaking in the Microsoft Business Solutions (MBS) channel continued last week as two MBS partners, EYT and In2Gr8, merged and announced $20 million in first-round funding.

  • CompUSA Orders SoftwareToGo

    Asoftware point-of-sale upstart and a custom-system manufacturer have joined forces to roll out a nationwide, custom application-on-demand service for retailer CompUSA that could lay the groundwork for sales into other markets. The solution allows CompUSA customers to download and purchase software titles from more than 200 publishers via in-store kiosks.


    Last summer's blackout proved the value of having properly configured UPSes in place. Not only did UPSes prevent the certain loss of lots of data, they also allowed critical work to get done while local electrical grids were down. In fact, the power provided by UPSes, in conjunction with the judicious shutting down of non-essential hardware, allowed CRN's production and editorial staff to finish the following week's issue on the night of the blackout. No deadlines were missed.

  • Forsythe Buy Secures NBG's Nokia Sales

    Forsythe Solutions Group doubled its security operations last week with the acquisition of National Business Group for an undisclosed amount. Atlanta-based NBG supplies security systems built on products from vendors such as Citrix Systems, Nokia, Check Point Software Technologies and RSA Security.

  • Microsoft Reaches Out

    Microsoft struck deals with RSA Security and VeriSign last week to make its Windows client and server more secure, but those ISV solutions won't be available until the second half of the year.

  • Place Your Bets

    What happens to IBM's business when 200 Hewlett-Packard enterprise solution providers become IBM Business Partners?

  • Still Work To Be Done

    IBM is getting its act together, but some channel conflicts still taint its partner strategy. Solution providers say IBM needs to do a better job policing field-sales people who still want to take business direct. "There are some people in the field-sales force that feel that the more business they get through us, the less value they are perceived to have to IBM and they fear for their jobs," said Jim Simpson, president of MSI Systems Integrators, an IBM Business Partner in Omaha, Neb.

  • Desktop Management Suite Keeps Companies Honest

    Desktop management suites have matured phenomenally during the past few years, evolving beyond the traditional desktop and transforming into complete business solutions capable of holding entire organizations accountable for their actions. With increased scrutiny directed at corporate America, companies are constantly being audited and looked upon to provide proper business practices. Mature desktop management suites may provide this assistance.