• IBM, HP Release Proposed Web Services Standard

    IBM, Hewlett-Packard Co and other high-tech companies on Tuesday released a web services specification for interoperability between systems within a supply chain, grid computing and an infrastructure management environment.

  • SUSE Linux Details Product Road Map

    Novell's new SuSE Linux organization Tuesday detailed its product road map, including additional biometrics security capabilities in the next release of SUSE's Linux desktop product.

  • NA Sniffer Launches Two New Products

    The Sniffer Technologies division of Network Associates launched two new products Monday geared toward enhancing performance management capabilities on next-generation networks.

  • What Innovation Is All About

    What you hold in your hands is more than a lexicon of new products that were introduced last year: It is a document that proves innovation is not only alive and well but also flourishing in our industry.

  • HP Blends A New Unit

    You can fault Hewlett-Packard for many things--but not for standing still. In its latest bid to take on its two largest rivals, Dell and IBM, the world's second-largest computing giant is in the process once

  • Notebooks Take Market By Storm

    For tornado Computers, the emerging trend of custom-built notebook computers in the white-box channel has swept in much like the eponymous weather event. In the past, Ron Merts, a senior vice president at Tornado Computers, an Oklahoma City-based systems builder, had only flirted with the idea of building unbranded laptop and notebook computers. But for the longest time, he didn't see a reason to take the chance.

  • Goyal’s Message To Partners

    After what some would argue has been a slow, painful integration of Lotus into the IBM fold, Lotus general manager Ambuj Goyal says he is excited about the direction the group is headed. Is Lotus headed for a renaissance? Goyal shares his thoughts in an interview with VARBusiness senior writer Carolyn A. April.

  • IT’s Most Dangerous Man Needs Protection

    How Darl McBride, CEO of SCO, went from being the leader of a sleepy OS software company to the most dangerous man in IT, which CMP's InformationWeek magazine recently labeled him, is the stuff of legends. For starters, McBride's $1 billion-plus lawsuit against IBM for contract violations put Lindon, Utah-based SCO on the map. Then its legal assault on the Linux community catapulted McBride into the spotlight.

  • Can Synnex Continue On Its Path?

    It wasn't much of a surprise when Synnex announced its initial public offering just two days before Thanksgiving. The upstart distributor, led by founder, president and CEO Robert Huang, had been hoping for the right moment to launch an IPO for some time. But now that Synnex is public, many are beginning to wonder how it can meet all the expectations on it while retaining its low-profile, no-frills heritage.