• Oracle Hints At Things To Come At OracleApps World

    Oracle gave tantalizing hints at OracleApps World Tuesday about what the company will soon ship, but provided few, if any, details. Still, in his first presentation as Oracle co-president, Chuck Phillips told the San Diego crowd that Oracle now recognizes that customers live in more than an Oracle-only universe. As a result of that realization, Oracle has developed a road map of products and services designed to help enterprises connect applications and data from Oracle competitors.

  • MyDoom Predicted To Be As Bad As Sobig

    Beginning last night, solution providers and security vendors scrambled to stem the latest major virus outbreak, MyDoom, a virus that many say will have as large an impact as last summer's Sobig worm.

  • Review: New BrightStor ARCserve Speeds Backup

    Computer Associates International's BrightStor ARCserve Backup For Windows has always been a powerful, comprehensive package that excels in its ease of use, which is very important to small businesses. It's also robust enough to meet backup demands at the enterprise level. CA on Tuesday unveiled ARCserve version 11, which CRN Test Center engineers found as impressive as CA's previous offering, version 9.

  • Comergent Buys New Piece To Demand Chain Puzzle

    Demand-chain software vendor Comergent Technologies said Monday that it has acquired Profile Systems in a pure stock transaction. Profile has more than 30 licensed customers and more than 1,000 subscribers to its software for managing product-related data and handling vendor-managed inventory. The two closely held companies did not disclose the purchase value.

  • AlterPoint Releases New Product Suite

    Network specialty firm AlterPoint released a new product suite last week designed to help network administrators better handle network configuration. The product, dubbed the DeviceAuthority Suite, is a bundling of three configuration products upon which AlterPoint already has built some success.