• MySQL Nails Bugs In Maintenance Release

    Open-source vendor MySQL AB issued a maintenance release Monday that fixes a slew of bugs unveiled earlier this month by a study of the MySQL database code.

  • Mixed Results From RIM And PalmSource

    There is a good news-bad news scenario playing out in the PDA world, as Research In Motion (RIM)--which has the good news--and PalmSource Inc--which has the bad news--announced their financials.

  • A New Sibling For Best Software: Accpac International

    Providing further evidence of mass consolidation in the business-applications space, Best Software's parent company, Sage Group, on Tuesday announced plans to acquire rival software vendor Accpac International for $110 million in cash.

  • Intel, PCTEL In Cross-Licensing Deal

    Working to shore up its severely underperforming wireless business, Intel has signed a cross-licensing agreement with PCTEL and agreed to pay the wireless solution provider $14.5 million, the companies said.

  • RIAA Plans New Lawsuits Soon

    Undaunted by a court decision making it more difficult to file lawsuits against Internet users suspected of illegally downloading songs, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) is vowing to file more lawsuits "in the near future."

  • SCO Sends Copyright Violation Warning Letter To Linux Customers

    As it lays the groundwork for a potential copyright infringement case against Linux, The SCO Group has sent cease-and-desist letters to select Fortune 1000 companies charging them with illegally using more than 65 SCO-owned Application Binary Interfaces (ABIs) without permission.

  • Oracle Still Chasing Peoplesoft

    Oracle is holding the course in its hostile attempt to take over PeopleSoft in the face of delays and declining shareholder support for the takeover action.

  • Citrix Acquires Expertcity

    In its largest acquisition to date, Citrix Systems Thursday inked a definitive agreement to acquire Expertcity, a provider of Web-based desktop access and help-desk services, for $225 million in cash and stock.

  • BEA Systems Weblogic Workshop

    BEA Systems' Weblogic Workshop is by far the most innovative development tool reviewed by CRN Test Center engineers this year. Workshop has the quickest learning curve of any Java development tool on the market and is the only one tested this year that makes development of composite applications an easy task.