• Dell Stops Using Tech Support In India

    After an onslaught of complaints, direct sales computer king Dell has stopped routing corporate customers to a technical support call center in Bangalore, India.

  • Siemens Boosts IP Telephony Offerings

    Siemens Information and Communication Networks Monday bolstered its IP telephony portfolio with the introduction of a new line of IP phones and the latest version of its HiPath 4000 Real-Time IP System.

  • Key Economic Data To Be Released This Week

    Four key economic reports will be released this week, including third-quarter U.S. economic growth, consumer confidence, durable goods orders, and initial claims for unemployment benefits. All four will be closely scrutinized by economists, business leaders, government officials and investors for clues as to the pace of the economic recovery.

  • Proposed Spam Blockers Are Still A Long Way Off

    One of the main tactics used by spam filters is to try to identify the source of spam, and then block e-mail coming from the source. But spammers have gotten wise to that trick, and use fairly simple techniques, known as "spoofing," to hide the sources of their messages.

  • IT Distributors See Stabilization, Confident Major Retooling Complete

    Few companies have made the changes necessary to survive the IT downturn quite like the nation's leading IT distributors. They've shuttered facilities, laid off scores of workers and discontinued unprofitable activities. Along the way, they also figured out how to run their businesses better and maximize the opportunities at hand. They've even managed to reduce debt and increased cash, notes Rick Hamada, president of Avnet's Technology Solutions group.

  • SCO Suit: You May Be Next

    SCO Group, the software company that claims Linux is infused with a million lines of its Unix source code, is taking its fight directly to Linux users.

  • Acer Launches New Channel Business Model

    Acer Monday launched its new 100 percent channel-focused business model along with what the $13 billion Taiwanese giant is billing as the next generation of IT services, software and digital home entertainment products.

  • Congress Moves Closer To Anti-Spam Legislation

    Congress moved significantly closer to the first-ever federal protections against unwanted commercial e-mails with the House passing a bill Saturday that would impose new limits on sending irritating offers on the Internet. Final approval by lawmakers could come before Thanksgiving.

  • Storage Vendors Pleased With Comdex

    Comdex Las Vegas 2003 may have been short in numbers of exhibitors and attendees, but it did bring out a large contingent of storage vendors, both on-site and off-site, showing a variety of products mainly for the small- and midsize-business space.

  • AT&T Claims eBay And PayPal Infringe On Its Patents

    AT&T Corp. reached out and smacked eBay Inc. with a patent infringement lawsuit, claiming the online auction company has been using a payment system that the telecommunications giant developed more than a decade ago.