• Industry Briefs

    At the Foodservice Technology (FS/TEC) show last month in Long Beach, Calif., Radiant Systems demonstrated its latest POS terminal, self-service kiosk and back-office technology for food-service operators.

  • Accenture 'Industrializes'

    Accenture executives believe an overwhelming need to "industrialize" certain business processes and improve realtime access to information will be among the factors driving its anticipated revenue growth of 5 percent to 10 percent in its 2004 fiscal year.

  • CDW-G Calls On VARs

    CDW's government division, or CDW-G, wants to add more solution providers to its Small Business Consortium program.

  • Tablet PC A Win For Gateway

    For solution providers looking to get on the Tablet PC bandwagon but who are hesitant to do so because of the high cost of the devices, the Gateway M275 Tablet Notebook series could be the answer.

  • IBM Gets Behind Linux Desktop

    IBM Global Services and Novell SUSE intend to promote new products and programs to push Linux on the PC desktop from obscurity to reality.

  • Compuware Driverstudio 3.0

    Learning how to create drivers has always been extremely difficult for developers, partly due to the poorly documented driver development kit and tools that Microsoft has supplied to the public. Many vendors, too, have kept their drivers secret to maintain market share. DriverStudio 3.0 from Compuware, however, supports the complete driver development cycle, including optimization and extensive testing for certification. Its Visual SoftICE tool is a two-machine solution that surpasses all other debugging tools.

  • New Worm's No Pal, Could Make You Pay

    Another variant of the MiMail worm, which last plagued users at the end of October, broke into the wild on Friday disguised as a message from online payment vendor PayPal. It tries to fool users into disclosing credit-card information.