Here Are The Five Hottest Remote IT Jobs In 2023

From software developers to data scientists, here are the best remote tech jobs in 2023.

As remote jobs are here to stay and the need for tech talent becomes greater, high-paying jobs like software developers and systems analysts are becoming more lucrative, all in the comforts of home.

According to a report from trade association CompTIA, based off the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, remote IT jobs are on the rise. In September alone, there were about 48,000 open roles for software developers and engineers, 33,000 open roles for IT project managers and data analysts, and about 18,000 open roles for IT support specialists.

The report also breaks down the five hottest cities with the most remote IT job postings. They include Washington, D.C, New York, Dallas, San Francisco and Chicago.

While remote IT jobs were at its peak in mid-2022, the highest in the last four years, it has steadily dropped but not to the point where it was in January 2019.

There is demand for remote IT jobs such as data scientists, web developers and cybersecurity analysts and engineers.

In September alone there were 31,524 remote tech job postings. Here are the top five hottest remote IT jobs in 2023, according to the report.

Software Developers: 10,561 job postings in September

Average salary (according to Indeed): $117,298

Software developers are responsible for designing, developing, installing, testing and maintaining software systems through coding, designing, and building applications, websites or mobile apps.

IT Project Manager or Data Analyst: 5,983 job postings in September

Average salary, according to Indeed: $99,330

IT project managers oversee the planning, executing and delegating responsibilities around all IT projects. They work closely alongside a variety of IT areas and guide along the complete for major large-scale projects.

Data Scientists: 2,928 job postings in September

Average salary: $124,515

Data scientists use technology to gain insights and information from large amounts of data that is collected. They’re analytical experts that utilize statistics, mathematics and computer programming to gather such information to process and then present findings to an audience.

Systems Analysts: 2,600 job postings in September

Average salary: $83,387

Systems analysts help create and design techniques that solve business problems by analyzing IT systems within a company. They lead investigative efforts into issues and problems and are responsible for mitigation. They test programs and databases, run security audits and create and maintain documentation on systems.

IT Support Specialists: 2,529 job postings in September

Average salary: $54,777

IT support specialists are crucial for customer-facing businesses. Support specialists need to have the right technical and soft skills for the job as they are dealing directly with customers and helping them with their IT needs.