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Tech Job Openings Plunged More Than 20 Percent As Coronavirus Crisis Deepened: Glassdoor

Rick Whiting

Job search website Glassdoor found significant declines in posted tech jobs in IT, internet, telecommunications, and hardware and software as the economy craters amid the COVID-19 crisis.


Technology job openings in the U.S. posted on the Glassdoor job search and salary website plunged more than 20 percent between March 9 and April 6 as the economic fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic took hold, Glassdoor said this week.

The data identifying a significant slowdown in tech job opportunities, provided by Glassdoor’s economic research unit, was part of a broader analysis that found that U.S. job openings in all industries dropped to 4.8 million as of April 6, a 20.5 percent decline since March 9.

The findings, contained in Glassdoor’s monthly Job Market Report, provide a view of hiring trends across the U.S. based on job postings on the Glassdoor site.

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Glassdoor said all 50 states and Washington D.C., as well as all 100 of the largest metropolitan areas, saw a decline in job openings during the March 9-April 6 period. The declines in job openings ranged from 11.5 percent in Montana to 32.6 percent in Washington State.

“In just one month, the coronavirus crisis has already been unprecedented in its economic impact,” the report concluded. “It has delivered both the breadth of a normal economic downturn and the rapid pace of a natural disaster. Even in its first 4 weeks, the crisis has erased job openings at a rate that took the Great Recession 9 months to match.

“Other economic indicators like unemployment claims have shown a labor market under enormous strain from a record-breaking number of layoffs. As employers react to the outbreak, Glassdoor data shows the labor market coming to a virtual standstill as it’s pinched by both rising layoffs and declining job openings,” Glassdoor said.

The report said that tech industry job openings posted on Glassdoor dropped 20.2 percent between March 9 and April 6.

More specifically, Glassdoor said job openings in “information technology” dropped from 173,952 on March 9 to 152,018 on April 6 while “computer software and hardware” job postings dropped from 175,983 to 128,064 during that timeframe.

“Internet and technology” job openings declined from 91,239 on March 9 to 71,924 on April 6, Glassdoor found, while “telecommunications” job openings dropped from 37,608 to 26,196.

Bad as those numbers are, Glassdoor said job posting declines for other industries were worse: Job openings in the hard-hit travel and tourism industry declined a staggering 73.1 percent from March 9.

The Glassdoor report did find an overall increase in the availability of remote worker jobs. While the number of remote worker job openings declined 10.8 percent in the last month, the number is still up 8.7 percent year-over-year. The report also said the share of job openings listed as remote is increasing sharply, up 27.9 percent year over year, signaling a possible sea change in how Americans work.

Those findings back the results of research conducted by The Channel Company, the parent of CRN. That research, a survey of 320 IT solution providers and 135 end customer IT professionals conducted between March 20 and March 25, found a massive surge in demand for IT to support the huge number of employees who suddenly found themselves working from home because of the pandemic.

Seventy-one percent of managed service providers and 40 percent of VARs/systems integrators reported seeing a spike in customer requests for work-at-home products and services, The Channel Company research found, including laptops and PCs, collaboration tools and video conferencing services.

The Channel Company research also found that 35 percent of end users surveyed said they were currently undertaking employee layoffs or were considering such a move, and 51 percent were either considering or already implementing a hiring freeze.

Glassdoor found that 60 percent of employers overall had reduced the number of job openings since March 9 and almost one in four had closed all of their job postings.

The U.S. is on track to lose as many job openings on a percentage basis in the first four weeks of the current crisis as it did in the first nine months of the Great Recession in 2007 and 2008, Glassdoor said.


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