The 2023 MES Midmarket 100

The 2023 MES Midmarket 100 recognizes vendors that have proven themselves to be forward-thinking technology providers offering solutions that support the growth and innovation of midmarket organizations.

The MES Midmarket 100 recognizes forward-thinking vendors that target midsize customers with products and services designed to address the midmarket’s unique needs.

Companies selected for the list have shown a consistent commitment to helping midmarket organizations utilize technology to help them thrive.

MES defines the midmarket as an organization meeting one of the criteria below:

These 100 companies that have shown a consistent commitment to help midmarket organizations succeed and thrive. They were asked, “Why do your solutions work well for midsized clients?” Here’s what they had to say.

Unedited data provided by vendors.


Flexibility, scalability, and our willingness to work within your existing and/or desired toolsets. Additionally, many midmarket organizations lack the ability to carry very experienced senior level IT on their payroll and as a result, it’s often harder for them to stay on the cutting edge of the technology curve. 1Path’s depth of resources is what really powers our ability to advise and support our clients on all aspects of their business and technology.


Acronis works exceptionally well for midsized clients due to its user-friendly setup and management capabilities consolidated under a single pane of glass. The platform’s intuitive interface and streamlined workflows make it easy for IT teams with limited resources to quickly deploy and configure the solution. With all the essential functionalities, such as backup, security, and patch management, accessible from a unified interface, midsized clients can efficiently oversee and manage their IT operations. This simplicity reduces complexity, saves time, and enhances operational efficiency, allowing midsized organizations to focus on their core business objectives while ensuring robust data protection and cybersecurity measures.


Help customers drive innovation through powerful productivity insights.


Addigy simplifies Apple device management so that any IT admin can easily manage and secure the Apple devices in their corporate network, regardless of their level of Apple expertise. Using Addigy, IT teams can ensure employees’ devices are always kept in an ideal and secure state. Addigy lets IT admins manage devices in real-time and provides out-of-the-box, zero-touch provisioning, asset management, monitoring and automated remediation, instant remote access, software deployment, configuration management, and more.

Adler Advisors

We eliminate the time and headache that comes with sourcing our solutions.


Our solutions are extremely easy to use and deploy in under 90 minutes. The Adlumin platform is priced for the mid-market, feature rich and has robust security capabilities. Our solutions solve mid-market customer problems and provides cybersecurity resources and expertise.

Alert Logic by HelpSystsms

Mid-market is core to Alert Logic’s MDR business and represents the customers we serve best - organizations with high IT maturity and a level of complexity, often in hybrid multi-cloud environments. But they typically have less mature security teams - relatively small, not operating 24/7, and with no SOC. These types of organizations benefit from the level of security MDR provides, from both cost and human resourcing perspectives._


Allego helps midsized clients scale their business and transforms traditional learning with insights from peers and conversations delivered in the flow of how sellers work - driving up engagement and saving precious selling time. Allego not only drives modern learning that sticks, but also creates a more convenient buying experience that stands out from competitors - ultimately winning both sellers and buyers.


Because our solutions are cost-effective and powered by an easy-to-use UI, midsized clients can minimize IT expenditures through DIY deployment and management, while also minimizing revenue loss due to network or application downtime. This mix of a low TCO and a high ROI makes Allot’s solutions the perfect choice for smaller organizations, that may find themselves constrained at times, by limited resources.

Alpha Software Corporation

Midsize companies’ employees and customers expect the same quality of mobile apps as larger enterprises, but midsize businesses don’t have equal resources and programming expertise as larger companies. That makes it critical for mid-size companies to choose the right mobile development platform. Alpha Software products are ideal for medium-sized businesses because they have built-in enterprise -- like security, data integration and offline capability -- at an affordable cost. Users can develop no-code apps for free -- with no limits on the number of apps they can produce or the complexity of those apps. They can deploy the apps for as little as $99/month. Alpha Software also allows mid-sized clients to save on development costs because a wide range of developers and non-developers can use its products to build cross-platform mobile apps to digitize and mobilize business tasks. The Alpha Software low code platform is one of the most highly rated platforms on G2 and Capterra. InfoWorld named it a top mobile app development leader, and awarded it an InfoWorld Technology of the Year award.

Appenate Pty Ltd

We offer a flexible, affordable and easily scalable mobile application creation solution.

Arctic Wolf

For many midsized organizations organizations, hiring security experts and building a team for 24x7 coverage to handle security operations is cost-prohibitive, so they turn to managed security services providers (MSSPs) for help. Traditional MSSPs, however, are notoriously ineffective because they often just set up security tools and start forwarding alerts to customers. The inability for customers to get value from the MSSP’s security expertise is why the MDR market now exists. Built on an open XDR architecture, the Arctic Wolf Security Operations Cloud, which powers all of Arctic Wolf’s solutions, has scaled to ingest, parse, enrich, and analyze over three trillion security events and 4.8 petabytes of data each week. Arctic Wolf’s platform was built from day one on a cloud-native architecture to be vendor-neutral so that it can seamlessly ingest data from virtually any source, making it easy for midsize customers to integrate their existing security tools.

Arista Networks, Inc.

Ease of use, easy to deploy and easy to manage. Product offering requires very little domain knowledge to implement and is designed to be implemented by a non-sophisticated IT Manager with very little technical support. Commercial enterprise and SMB type businesses have tight budgets and limited staff, yet are confronted with the same challenges that larger organizations have - multiple Wi-Fi, LAN and WAN network monitoring and management solutions that don’t interconnect, rapid problem identification, mediation and resolution, and protection from increasing cyber threats. Arista’s Cognitive Unified Edge (CUE) offering is built for commercial enterprise users as an optimal edge as a service solution. CloudVision CUETM provides plug and play management with built-in, zero touch automation, visibility and security. Unlike other disparate offerings, it leverages Arista’s foundational CloudVision elements to deliver consistent customer experience, service activation, security posture and problem resolution.

Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company

Aruba provides a modern unified networking infrastructure that delivers the performance, security, and scalability to connect and enable midsize businesses no matter how far and wide they grow. Whether expanding the business campus, opening a new branch office, or supporting remote and hybrid workspaces, our solution streamlines management, operations, and efficiency into a single dashboard with analytics, guided workflows, and AI-powered tools to save time and accelerate business outcomes. Aruba clients additionally benefit from our strong history of technology innovation and customer-first culture that drives everyday product decisions and world-class support services.


Asigra advanced AI-enabled data protection platform is an ideal platform for midsize organization as it provides the ability to quickly recover lost or damaged data from anywhere through a global network of IT service providers. As the industry’s most secure backup and recovery solution for servers, virtual machines, endpoint devices, databases, applications, SaaS, and IaaS based applications, Asigra protects sensitive data with anti-ransomware defense and 100% recovery assurance. The company has won numerous awards for its platform which is compelling for midsize companies for its ease of use, performance, security, compliance and affordability when delivered by one of hundreds of managed backup providers globally.


Midsized clients can own their computer network and complete the network picture with automated network discovery, inventory, and documentation that updates in real-time as the network evolves. Network administrators can respond to network issues in real-time and dive deep into problems so users are always connected to critical resources. with Auvik’s Traffic Insights, admins can go beyond NetFlow to easily identify who’s on the network, what they’re doing, and where their traffic is going.

AvePoint, Inc.

AvePoint solutions are designed to help organizations of all sizes collaborate with confidence. Especially as midsized clients expand their SaaS operations and mature their cloud transformations, our solutions come into play.


Many midsized organizations rely on traditional IT asset management to keep their systems and data secure, but this method is time consuming and unreliable. Many midsized organizations are working with smaller budgets and minimals resources, so they need a cybersecurity asset management solution that helps automate action. Axonius integrates with an organization’s security controls to show all IT assets into one central view to more easily uncover gaps and automatically validate and enforce policies. With a more comprehensive asset inventory using Axonius, midsized organizations gain the confidence to more securely manage their IT and security environments without the headache and burden of manual work.

Barracuda Networks

At Barracuda, we believe everyone deserves access to cloud-enabled, enterprise-grade security products that are easy to buy, deploy, and use - no matter the size of the company. That means we prioritize technology and processes that work well for midmarket companies, and we have strong channel and MSP partnerships in place to support these companies in the way that works best for them as more midsized clients turn to the channel for help navigating their security needs.


BCM One’s NextGen and Managed Services are ideal for mid-size clients since our solutions support and power the mission-critical underlying infrastructure of mid-size companies. We custom-design a total technology stack solution for mid-size clients including voice-enabled communications, collaboration and video-conferencing, data and connectivity, all backed with a secure and reliable network infrastructure all on ONE invoice and with ONE contact person to call. The best part is we offer this with a nimble approach to doing business (no red tape like a large corporate carrier and solutions provider has).


BigID’s data intelligence platform enables organizations to know their enterprise data and take action for data privacy, security, and governance. Customers deploy BigID to proactively discover, manage, protect, and get more value from their regulated, sensitive, and personal data across their data landscape. It works well for midsize clients because the world runs on data - and with BigID, they can manage that data across their entire data environment, reduce risk, achieve compliance, and get more value from their data to drive innovation.

BlackBerry Limited

For midsized clients, the complexities of security and IT ops, limited resources, and the shift to hybrid work are amplified by the backdrop of increasing threat sophistication - making it an arduous task for businesses to focus on their core operations while ensuring their digital assets are secure. BlackBerry understands this dilemma of competing complexity, resourcing, and outcomes, and it’s the north-star of our mission. We are focused on reducing the effort it takes to mitigate risk while solving broad-reaching security challenges. BlackBerry solutions provide a continuous 24/7 state of resilience by either complimenting, extending, or fully managing clients’ outcomes with our experts and extended technology ecosystems. We enable midsized workforces in a way that’s fast, easy and satisfying for employees, yet provides the security visibility, controls, and peace of mind organizations need. Our solutions remove the time, effort, and performance overhead for customers and partners.

Blink Ops

Blink enables small or under-resourced security teams to maximize their impact by leveraging no-code automation and Blink’s pre-built integrations with hundreds of cloud and security platforms.


BlueVoyant provides industry-leading cyber defense through our channel partner community to clients of all sizes, in all sectors, and around the globe. Midsize enterprise clients make up our largest customer base. Threat actors often prefer to target midmarket enterprises because they are often seen as easier targets and draw less attention. The cyber criminals will steal data from these organizations for a variety of reasons, including ransomware, or reaching a large enterprise via the supply chain. Incidents like these can destroy a midmarket organization’s bottom-line and reputation. BlueVoyant’s comprehensive platform enables partners to resell clients total cyber defense via internal and external detection and response solutions. Our partners’ customers benefit from the ability to keep their own data in their own environment - ensuring stronger compliance and reducing costs - and can rest assured with a team of security experts focused on cyber prevention with 24x7 security monitoring and threat eradication. The BlueVoyant Platform includes: Managed Detection and Response (MDR): BlueVoyant’s MDR leverages proprietary and best-of-breed technologies to deliver efficient, integrated, and proactive defenses that can rapidly identify and respond to threats and incidents impacting customer environments. Supply Chain Defense: Unique end-to-end third-party cyber risk management solution designed to protect clients from vulnerabilities in their vendor, supplier, and other third-party ecosystem with continuous monitoring and quick mitigation. Digital Risk Protection: Proactive comprehensive digital risk protection that continuously monitors, detects, remediates, and takes down threats pertaining to domains, websites, social media, and apps. Professional Services: We have a team of cyber experts who provide a full range of consulting services for clients’ cybersecurity needs including assessment and cyber defense planning, penetration testing and vulnerability assessments, CMMC services, Virtual CISO, cybersecurity documentation, phishing, and awareness training. In the case of an attack, we also offer incident response.


Midsized organizations often struggle to secure their environments due to limited security personnel, lack of budget, and overly complex tools. As organizations of all sizes are targeted in ransomware attacks, they need a simple, easy-to-use threat detection and response solution. Blumira enables organizations of all sizes to achieve the fastest time to security in the industry - without the high costs and adoption challenges associated with traditional security tools. Blumira’s platform can be fully deployed in minutes without any additional infrastructure. Using Cloud Connectors, which ingests log data directly from third-party APIs, users can enjoy fast and easy set up of Blumira’s platform with their cloud applications. To identify real attack patterns and surface meaningful findings, Blumira’s behavior-based detections track malicious activity related to users, email forwarding, password changes, anomalous access attempts, and more. Blumira enables small teams to offload security management by handling rule deployment, rule configuration, parsing and more. Step-by-step playbooks accompany every finding and provide meaningful insights to help teams take quick action to mitigate threats. Setting up Blumira’s cloud-delivered platform is easy to deploy in minutes for teams of any size or level of security expertise. Once set up, Blumira actively protects existing investments by collecting and streaming logs from all systems into Blumira’s centralized platform. The platform automatically parses different data and log types, a process that can take longer with typical SIEMs to set up, and often falls to the customer’s responsibility. Blumira’s platform also scales to support any size of log volume, without additional cost to the customer. Blumira compares data across an organization’s different systems to prioritize only the most important findings and alert the team to potential threats. These alerts allow teams to take action with integrated workflows that provide next steps for incident response, with no security expertise required. Blumira’s platform makes security management easier by providing multi-tenancy for multiple customers, and role-based administration to limit permissions for different users.

Boomi, LP

Boomi’s iPaaS solution helps mid-sized clients’ need to automate workflows, integrate critical systems, and maintain business operations while sustaining rapid growth. The solution provides clients with the ability to scale at their own pace, in a manner that their small IT teams can manage and at an affordable entry point.


Access control is an essential aspect of property security that helps property owners to protect their assets, maintain a safe environment, and increase convenience for authorized individuals. o Protection against unauthorized entry: Access control systems provide a way to prevent unauthorized individuals from gaining access to your property. This can include physical barriers such as gates, fences, turnstiles, and electronic systems requiring authentication before granting access. o Monitoring and tracking: Access control systems can track who enters and exits your property, which can help identify potential security threats or suspicious behavior. This can also provide valuable data for managing and optimizing your property’s usage. o Restricting access to sensitive areas: Access control systems can be used to restrict access to specific areas within a property, such as server rooms or confidential documents. This helps to protect sensitive information and assets from unauthorized access. o Integration with other security systems: Access control systems can be integrated with other security systems, such as surveillance cameras or intrusion detection systems, to provide a comprehensive security solution for your property.


Broadcom’s Enterprise Software solutions help customers of all sizes to combine business, development, and operations data to generate actionable insights and enable data-driven decision making across business and IT. Our AIOps, DevOps and Value Stream Management solutions span the software development lifecycle, optimizing customer experience from mobile to cloud.

Celigo, Inc.

Midmarket companies are challenged to recruit and retain the expensive and scarce Integration developer resources required for traditional integrations. This limits the number and scope of projects that IT can deliver resulting in increasing backlogs. Celigo provides faster time to value for development teams plus the ability to enable business teams with self-service, reducing the number of integration projects and eliminating the need for technical resources to create and modify most integrations or spend time on error management. Businesses can focus developers on complex projects, reduce their backlog and accelerate digital transformation without adding technical headcount or hiring consultants.


CloudCover’s focus on leveraging technology to strengthen our Channel Partners’ value to their customers remains the key driver behind our growth. The pandemic and its impact to the industry further identified the value in helping our midsize customers become more efficient and address gaps in growing supply-chain issues, budget constraints, and external economic factors with new toolsets aimed at more efficiently managing their IT infrastructure. CloudCover’s use of AI, hybrid maintenance and a purpose-built SaaS platform, along with CloudCover OnDemand™ Field Services available to all customers through our Channel Partners, provides unique, environmentally conscious and sustainable solutions to address these needs.


Midsized clients don’t have the time or manpower to have their sales engineers be reduced to being demo jockeys executing the same demo to unqualified buyers. They need a tool that helps prospects see their product earlier in the buying cycle without sacrificing the valuable time of their sales engineers. Consensus provides teams with a tool that removes the intro demo from the sales cycle and brings prospects to live calls more prepared to talk specifics about the solution.


Coro addresses cybersecurity differently than vendors who sell to enterprises, which have well-staffed cybersecurity teams using dozens of security tools costing millions of dollars. Coro’s all-in-one cybersecurity platform is geared to midsized clients with lean IT teams that can’t afford multiple products or the cybersecurity staff required to manage them. Instead, Coro’s platform frees up IT staff to address other IT issues. Its capacities are holistic, ranging from total protection against all cyberthreats to substantial responsibility for the crucial issue of compliance with government and other regulations. Coro’s platform covers virtually every security capability that a midmarket business needs to protect their business, at a price per seat that’s affordable. The best way to understand why Coro’s solutions work so well for the midmarket is to hear it from the users themselves (the reviews below can be found on “The best part of Coro - the simplicity and comprehensiveness of Coro. Since partnering up with Coro to handle my cyber security, I have been able to focus on my core responsibility as IT Director with the confidence that the cybersecurity experts at Coro have my back.” Phil B, IT Director G2 Crowd “The best feature for me is reporting on when users violate our Office 365 rules for HIPAA and PCI. Coro sends me nightly reports which allow me to educate users. Coro has also assisted me in determining attempted breaches via phishing and can alert me right away and weekly as needed. I absolutely love the customer service they provide, which is refreshing as too many companies push out their software, show it off and get companies to purchase then ditch them after initial setup. With a small team, it’s great to know I can get questions answered and they take time often to virtually meet on camera to go over your account.” Eddie D Director of IT G2 Crowd “ I like how there is one dashboard for managing everything related to endpoint security. You get summaries on endpoint malware detection, possible email phishing activity, possible data privacy issues. You also get a daily summary email notification of how your organization is doing. Setup was easy and endpoint deployment was also easy. Very unobtrusive on the client side as the scans are done in the background. Coro makes endpoint security management easier. It also flags potential compliance and phishing risks in advance by scanning emails. Coro provides an organizational snapshot as well for endpoint security.” Steve W. IT Director G2 Crowd “Coro Cybersecurity provides easy visibility into what is happening with users on your network. The ability to view if users are sending data that should not be released or be encrypted is outstanding. The phishing capabilities have also been good. Viewing one single pane of glass to view these security events has been significantly better than viewing multiple screens for the same information from other vendors.” John M. Director of Information Technologies G2 Crowd


CybeReady offers the world’s fastest security training platform, that evolves mid to large-size organizations from security awareness to cyber readiness. CybeReady’s solution was created with enterprise security in mind: it autonomously engages more employees, more effectively, frequently, and easily. Infused with training expertise and powered by machine learning, CybeReady’s adaptive, training platform guarantees to reduce your high-risk employee while eliminating all IT efforts. CybeReady’s fully-managed solution has been deployed by hundreds of mid-size enterprises worldwide. Visit:

Cybersafe Solutions

A typical client environment can range in industry, size and team. Some of our clients have fully outsourced IT, some have a combination of both in house and outsourced and others have fully operational IT teams and Security teams, We understand that it’s not a matter of if your systems will be breached. It’s when. Our comprehensive MDR solution was created with that in mind - really to provide unparalleled real-time visibility, detection, response and containment across your corporate endpoints, networks and clouds. That said, success for us is delivering a multilayered, defense in depth solution that not only brings visibility but also adds value to each of those scenarios, really allowing us to be a force multiplier to our clients and their overall security program.

Cynet Security

Cynet 360 AutoXDR™ was purpose built with lean IT and security teams in mind. Our end-to-end, natively automated, instant to deploy platform is the first of its kind. It’s easy to use and gives lean security teams comprehensive threat detection. Lean IT and security teams often lack budget, capacity, skills, and the people required to keep their organizations safe and secure. Cynet’s platform fills these gaps and provides a complementary 24/7 MDR service. The platform manages their day-to-day security operations, enabling IT security teams to focus their limited resources on managing security rather than operating it. And we do it with the most effective TCO.


Ninety-six percent of our contact centers customers have enabled Dialpad Ai, which has generated more than 50 million predictions through real-time transcription and the analyzing of over four billion minutes of conversations. This includes every interaction across contact center engagements, calls, messages, and video meetings. Capturing every conversation or engagement⸺whether it’s voice or digital through our Ai-Powered Customer Intelligence Platform⸺ allows us to do three really unique things for our Midmarket customers: - Automate tasks - Provide assistance - Generate insights We continue to differentiate and deliver unique business value through our proprietary and native AI and NLP features, such as live transcription, automated note taking, proactive conversational guidance, real-time sentiment analysis, predicted customer satisfaction, and pop-up agent assistance. We also make it incredibly easy to bring Dialpad into our Midmarket customers’ favorite apps so work happens in one place. Our Midmarket customers can easily integrate Dialpad with tools like CRM systems, calendars, and email to limit app switching and drive streamlined workflows for all their teams. Our integrations include Salesforce, Zendesk, Dynamics, Google Workspace, Microsoft O365, Hubspot, Kustomer, Teams, Slack, Front, Intercom, and Miro just to name a few. To see a complete list of integrations, please visit Dialpad App Marketplace - Connect the Tools You Use and we recently launched Dialpad’s Open Ecosystem. Our integration with CRM platforms allows Midmarket end users to seamlessly manage customer relationships. Plus, our proprietary and real-time Ai layer (semantic search, NLP / NLU, ASR) powers unique and automated workflows for users such as: - Ai Notes: Auto-generated conversation and call summaries appended to CRM records that include full transcripts, action items, and key events that have occurred (e.g., competitor mentions, product mentions, sentiment, questions, and more) - Ai Call Purpose Categories: Auto-categorized conversational tags (e.g., refund, purchase, service outage, cancellation). These appear both in real-time and are appended to call / conversation records. - Relationship View: We push relevant information to an agent about the customer at hand. Search and retrieve information from both the web and CRM systems (e.g., past call history, topics, current sentiment). Our goal is to integrate with systems of record and search + retrieve + append relevant information instantly. For our Midmarket customers, we want to drive greater levels of productivity and efficiency with our AI capabilities to help save time and also enhance conversations in the moment by providing additional context and relevant information an agent may need.


Our solutions work well for mid-size solutions because our solutions are designed to remove the complexity of IT for our clients. We outline a roadmap and journey for them to ensure they align to security standards and improve overall IT maturity


The midmarket IT landscape continues to evolve rapidly as digitalization, advanced connectivity and other innovations force IT managers to develop new strategies to adapt to market dynamics and changing end user demands. Eaton’s power management technologies address a broad range of needs and use cases for midmarket customers, enabling them to design power systems that meet their unique requirements. Now expanded to include the Tripp Lite portfolio of products, Eaton’s innovative solutions, including both hardware and software, provide critical power management capabilities across a multitude of architectures enabling greater resiliency, business continuity and sustainability.


Entara is an ideal partner for midsized clients because we become an extension of their team. We know it can be difficult to find a trusted vendor who understands both their unique technology and business goals, which is why we believe in working with our clients, not just for our clients. Our team of experts takes the time to learn the individual business goals of each client and curates a personalized IT and security roadmap that will continuously evolve their security posture. We prioritize balancing security with usability, with a constant eye on their business goals.


eSentire understands the unique concerns many midsize organizations face in today’s challenging IT and economic landscape, including a limited budget, limited resources, and limited in-house security expertise. Escalating costs of operations, talent shortages and skills gaps, and complex compliance requirements have further underscored the need for businesses to source the right technology and human expertise to effectively mitigate risk. We help offset budget and resource constraints for these organizations by providing a fully-managed offering of security expertise and tooling built to protect midsize businesses as they scale. With an ROI of 9:1 on average, eSentire MDR goes beyond other providers to deliver midsize clients: -Comprehensive protection: Our advanced XDR technology and unique intelligence pair with security expertise for 24/7 threat-hunting to detect unknown and emerging threats across attack surfaces, reducing risk of a breach or other cyberattack. While the average time to identify and contain a breach is 277 days, we have a 15-minute Mean Time to Contain active threats, stopping them before they become business-disrupting events. -Resource savings: With a best-in-class team available 24/7, organizations do not need to budget for, hire, train, or retain additional security resources. For mid-sized companies to build out a SOC comparable to eSentire’s, the cost is conservatively estimated at over $2M annually. 80% of our customers have two people or fewer in cybersecurity. -Downtime savings: We utilize advanced AI and automation that enables organizations to reduce the breach lifecycle by an estimated 74 days and save $3M more on average than those not using our technology. Per incident, we save customers an average of 48 hours of downtime and over $1M per year in downtime revenue impacts. -Increased efficiency: Our MDR solutions automate detection and response, reducing the need for manual labor and its associated costs and freeing internal teams to focus on other priorities. -Flexible, scalable solutions and transparent pricing: eSentire MDR is a fully-integrated solution and offers midsize customers the option to customize and scale service components applicable to their threat landscape across all major signal sources. Pricing is based on the number of resources present and contains no hidden costs. For clients with a technology investment, we offer a ‘Bring Your Own License’ (BYOL) option. eSentire MDR offers complete multi-signal attack surface coverage that correlates security signals across an organization’s security investments. We have successfully deployed 150 MDR for Microsoft deployments to protect endpoints, critical cloud applications, email, and users, empowering customers to unlock the full value of their investment in Microsoft 365. As a Microsoft Security Solutions partner and verified MXDR partner, we have highly-certified Microsoft security experts on staff, providing protection for customers without the need for them to hire additional expertise. For midsize businesses struggling with increased security complexity, a broader attack surface, and vulnerabilities and misconfigurations spread across cloud environments, we offer eSentire MDR for Cloud. Our solutions extend our deep expertise across AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud with further visibility, patented behavior-based threat detection, and context-rich insights across cloud workloads, containers, applications, and Kubernetes. Backed by the expertise of eSentire’s 24/7 SOC cyber analysts and our renowned Threat Response Unit, we stop known and unknown active cloud threats before they become business-disrupting events. With 72% of IT decision-makers choosing cloud-based services when upgrading technologies according to Foundry’s latest Cloud Computing Study, eSentire customers can have confidence they are partnered with a service provider with expertise across both on-premises and cloud environments, ensuring complete attack surface protection as they scale. Another capability that makes eSentire’s MDR for Cloud solution stand out is our network security component. We monitor our customers’ networks for cyber threats around the clock using proprietary attack pattern analysis and behavioral analytics so that we can rapidly identify, and block known threats and suspicious activity across our customers’ networks. It does not matter whether a customer’s data and applications are hosted on-premises, in multi-cloud environments, or in a hybrid environment.


Ease of use, single pane of glass, customizable reporting, high detection rates, low false positives and fast performance. Complimentary technical support is available based out of San Diego, CA.


When organizations evaluate the backup solution and company that can best meet their backup needs and address their challenges, more and more IT organizations are finding that ExaGrid offers not only the fastest backup and restore performance, best scalability and most comprehensive security, but also a total cost of ownership that is typically half that of other solutions.

Fortinet, Inc.

The Fortinet Security Fabric spans the extended digital attack surface and cycle, enabling self-healing security and networking to protect devices, data, and applications. With midsized organizations feeling the cybersecurity skills gap pinch, the Fabric’s broad, integrated, and automated platform extends their team’s capabilities allowing them to focus on innovative initiatives. The Fabric is based on three attributes: detect threats and enforce security everywhere; close security gaps and reduce complexity, and enable faster time-to-prevention and efficient operations. Additionally, with one operating system (FortiOS), the Fabric supports granular use cases with more deployment models than any other solution. These include physical, virtual,-cloud, and X-as-a-Service environments. And it encompasses the industry’s broadest ecosystem and product portfolio, spanning endpoints, networks, and clouds.

G-P (Globalization Partners, LLC)

G-P Meridian Suite allows companies to hire anyone, anywhere in the world, without the need to set up their own entities. Midmarket clients do not need to have the in-house legal, payroll, tax or HR expertise to build a global workforce. With G-P Meridian Suite companies can hire full-time employees or contractors for limited-duration projects, empowering midmarket businesses to think about their global employment plans strategically and build teams in a way that best suits their needs.

NodeZero is’s autonomous penetration testing platform. It continuously assesses an organization’s attack surface, identifying ways an attacker could chain together harvested credentials, misconfigurations, dangerous product defaults, and exploitable vulnerabilities to compromise systems and data. The core innovation is the use of knowledge graph analytics combined with adaptive attack algorithms. NodeZero gives IT administrators and network engineers ‘security superpowers,’ enabling them to operate like ethical hackers with 20 years of experience.’s vision is to deliver continuous attack paired with continuous defense, the ultimate purple team, executing an integrated learning loop - find, fix, verify - that gets smarter with every interaction, all delivered as an autonomous security platform.


We provide a partnership that delivers world class systems and solutions, allowing the midsized customer to focus on their core competencies while HPE takes care of the IT.

Huntress Labs

Our Managed Security platform is built from the ground up to support small and mid-market businesses and the third-party resellers that manage their infrastructure needs. Midsize clients struggle with a lack of time, money, and resources to properly manage their cybersecurity. Huntress provides a human-powered threat hunting and assisted remediation solution at an affordable price point to help address these cyber gaps.


HYPR fixes the way the world logs in. HYPR True Passwordless(™) MFA platform eliminates the traditional trade-off between security and user experience by providing uncompromising assurance and consumer-grade experience. The result is that organizations decrease the risk of an attack, increase positive user experience and lower operational costs. With HYPR, customers are able to completely eliminate shared secrets with its passwordless authentication approach, and thus eliminate push attacks by putting the user in control. For midsize companies with limited resources, HYPR can be installed rapidly and is fully integrated with leading single sign-on providers such as Okta, Google, Azure, Ping Identity, and more. The deployment process is straightforward: users are invited via a magic link that downloads the HYPR App, and they enroll. The end result is 300% faster access than legacy password logins such as password and desktop MFA. It’s seamless from desktop to cloud with the same login experience everywhere.


For partners with midsized clients, IGEL provides an endpoint operating system for delivering VDI, DaaS and cloud workspaces that: • Highly secure • Is easy to manage and provides a rich employee experience, with support for unified communications and collaboration • Can sharply reduce operating expenses • Provides a significant hardware cost savings • Offers support for almost any device including existing thin clients, PCs, laptops and for ‘IGEL Powered devices’ from HP, LG, Lenovo, DynaBook, OnLogic and NComputing ARM devices.

Infinite Group, Inc. (IGI)

Our cybersecurity services are right-sized for midsized clients because they face certain compliance requirements and need to increase their overall resiliency to cyber attacks. Most compliance frameworks require cybersecurity leadership (CISO Team-as-a-Service™) and regular pen testing (PenLogic™) - as well as baseline cybersecurity assessments and access to an incident response team.


JumpCloud knows that IT admins in SMEs often wear a number of hats. Because the SME market has often been overshadowed, we’ve made it part of our mission to create a community for SME IT admins and provide truly useful resources and tips based on common (and uncommon) experiences of other admins. Our platform is designed to make managing employees and their devices as easy as possible. We’re committed to identity transformation in the SME - giving IT admins a single, authoritative, and secure layer that draws a perimeter around each employee, and makes it as easy as possible for workers to access what they need.


Kaseya’s IT Complete product suite is comprised of industry-leading solutions from its family of companies - Unitrends, RapidFire Tools, Spanning Cloud Apps, IT Glue, ID Agent, Graphus and RocketCyber. Kaseya’s solutions were created for the multi-functional IT professional, who is often responsible for all business needs at a midsize enterprise - from backup and patch management to compliance. Through its workflow and solution integrations, IT Complete eliminates the “space between,” or the valuable time IT professionals waste moving between disparate applications and processes. Kaseya’s solutions allow internal IT teams to free up resources, enabling those teams to better serve their organization.


Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud was created with a medium business in mind. We offer a single security solution for all IT security needs for those midsized clients, who usually overwhelmed by work and short of budget. Getting started is quick and easy - users are protected the instant they’re online, instead of getting tied up in hardware and software provisioning. Pre-defined policies are automatically applied to each newly connected device, delivering immediate protection. Remote work is no longer unusual - it’s the norm. Product secures geographically separated oï€ices, home or field-based workers, at their desks or on the go regardless of device type. Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud enables remote encryption to make sure your corporate data is safe, even if a device gets lost or stolen. We help medium businesses to take control of the cloud by managing uncontrolled sharing of corporate data in the cloud and reveals users wasting time on social media and messengers. Also the product enables safe collaboration and communication in Microsoft Oï€ice 365.

Keeper Security

Keeper manages, protects and monitors passwords, secrets, and connections for every user and every device across your entire organization. Keeper’s top-rated mobile, desktop and browser applications offer fast deployment and integration with Azure AD, Okta and more, with auditing, compliance reporting and SIEM integration. With secure credential sharing and role-based access control, Keeper offers the most secure password tool on the market, built to scale with you.

Konica Minolta

Technology permeates the midsized workplace from every angle, ranging from work-from-anywhere flexibility to digital transformation (DX) to drive competitive advantage. No matter where these businesses are in the maturity scale, All Covered, the nationwide technology services division of Konica Minolta, tailors its services to meet our customer’s unique computing, networking, and application needs. Helping companies achieve their goals through better management of information and more effective collaboration.


It is scalable and works with different level of maturity and company sizes. Doesn’t matter if the backup to be managed is on-premises or in the cloud


Lenovo solutions work well for customers due to a number of factors. First, Lenovo invests heavily in research and development to develop innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of customers. This ensures that Lenovo’s solutions are cutting-edge and offer advanced features that can help customers stay ahead of the competition. Second, Lenovo’s solutions are designed with a focus on reliability, durability, and performance, ensuring that customers can count on their devices to work when they need them most. Third, Lenovo has a strong emphasis on customer service and support, offering a range of services such as Premier Support Plus to help customers resolve technical issues quickly and easily. Finally, Lenovo offers a range of customizable solutions that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of individual customers, whether they are large enterprises or small and medium-sized businesses.


Lightyear’s software allows small to midsized to enterprise businesses to buy and manage their network services (internet, WAN, data center, voice / phone) on a ridiculously easy-to-use online platform. With Lightyear you can configure services, get quotes, pick vendors, sign contracts, monitor implementations, handle renewal shopping, and manage your entire network inventory in one vendor-neutral platform. Hundreds of enterprise users trust Lightyear with all of their network procurement needs, including those at Louis Vuitton, Palo Alto Networks, Starwood, StockX and Element Solutions as well as several ISPs themselves.

Loqate, a GBG solution

Loqate global addressing solutions enable organizations of all sizes to - Capture, verify, standardize and enrich addresses and geocode data in batch or real-time from any country and territory in the world from within your applications. Resolve address and geocode data quality issues, ensuring a complete, accurate view of an address record across your business Deliver on your Customer Intelligence initiatives by having a complete customer or business record that includes a verified, standardized and enriched address Provide exceptional digital experiences and ensure your goods and services reach every customer, anywhere by capturing an accurate address at the point of new record creation such as during checkout or in CRM or ERP


N-able supports internal IT departments, regardless of size or stage, with the performance, protection, and partnership to manage their IT environment, help stay secure, and advance their business goals. Simplifying the chaos of modern IT remains one of the major challenges facing IT teams. At N-able, we offer multiple solutions to make a chaotic IT environment more manageable, allowing IT professionals handle any sized project with ease. Our solutions help resolve the most critical IT pain points simply and securely, including the rise in user endpoints, moving to the cloud, the ever-evolving threat landscape, and growing IT complexity.


The unique combination of our business domain expertise and technical know-how enables effective collaboration with ISVs, tech companies, and enterprises of all sizes. What is more, with our extensive technology ecosystem and partnerships with AWS, GCP, Microsoft, SAP, OpenText, Snowflake, and others, we bring extra speed, scale, and efficiency to more than 160 organizations across the globe.


Nasuni’s ease of installation, integration and management makes it suitable for any size company, especially small to midsize companies. It only requires 2 things - a Nasuni subscription and your choice of AWS, Azure or Google Cloud object storage. Its use of low-cost, durable cloud object storage as the authoritative source of all file data and metadata means that costs are much lower from the start. With Nasuni, all file storage operations are consolidated into one cloud-native architecture. Customers laud the “set it and forget it” nature of the platform. When something does need to be configured or adjusted, it can be done from anywhere, at any time, through the proverbial “single pane of glass” aka Nasuni Management Console.


Native deployment and management of Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) is complex, and it often requires highly trained engineers with specific expertise. Nerdio Manager for Enterprise (NME) allows mid-sized enterprises to deploy, manage and optimize not only AVD environments but Windows 365 and Intune too. With NME, deployment or management tasks in Azure, AVD, Intune, and Windows 365 can be done in three clicks or less and by any level of IT staff. Furthermore, NME delivers over 200 additional features on top of the native capabilities in AVD, Intune, and Windows 365. These features include the ability to: Deploy a complete AVD environment in two hours, from start to end-user login Manage AVD, Windows 365, and MSIX AppAttach from a complete and powerful portal that is easy to use Fully automate image creation, patching, and session host updates without advanced PowerShell scripting Create dynamic host pools that shrink and expand in response to user demand and time of day Save up to 75% on unoptimized Azure compute and storage consumption with sophisticated Auto-scaling Optimize performance and costs by matching infrastructure size to user demand in real-time, at any scale Build resilient and highly available AVD and Windows 365 deployments with availability zones Implement role-based, “least privilege” administration and enable end-user self-service Maintain security compliance By eliminating the need for extensive knowledge of the Azure platform, simplifying management, and automating operations, these features offer a cost-effective solution compared to an unoptimized environment. Using Nerdio, mid-sized organizations can potentially save between 50-75% on their Azure computer and storage costs. NME sets itself apart from other Azure management platforms as it enhances Microsoft’s virtual desktop technologies instead of replacing them with proprietary ones. This unique approach allows IT admins to seamlessly provision and manage AVD and Windows 365 alongside each other, providing unparalleled flexibility for organizations to fine-tune their cloud strategies to equip employees with desktops, applications, and hardware. Furthermore, NME reinforces existing security policies and compliance, and addresses data residency concerns. It is deployed as an all-PaaS, secure Azure application within the customer’s subscription in their chosen geographic location, ensuring that user data never leaves the Azure environment and there is no third-party access to the deployment.


Netenrich helps answer questions for midsize enterprises: Do you know what threats you need to pay attention to right now? What issues you need to resolve today? Do you have the information and context you need to resolve them? With Netenrich Resolution Intelligence™ secure operations analytics software platform, you can turn data into intelligence, secure your high-value resources, and prioritize what matters so you can keep your business up and running. You can run secure, resilient ops at speed and scale with predictive, data-driven security ops intel you can act on: • Detect threats before they disrupt your business • Resolve issues faster, with fewer resources • Transform your security data into actionable intelligence • Reduce your “mean time to compromise” The results: You can run - and grow - your business with confidence.


Today, enterprise networks’ applications and data are scattered across the Atomized Network, a complex environment of multi-cloud, on-premises and legacy infrastructure, and mobile and remote workers - and it’s increasingly difficult to defend. Traditional network threat-detection appliances aren’t effective in scattered and fluid computing environments, where deep-packet inspection is blinded. Appliances must sit in the middle of traffic, but the middle has disappeared and appliances are a dead end. Zero Trust initiatives accelerate encryption, but you can’t inspect traffic you can’t decrypt. Organizations need to adopt a new mindset about how they will address security in the age of Zero Trust. Working with full-packet capture is timely and expensive, requires expertise, and shows little return on investment. Moreover, most organizations have neither the ability nor the appetite to decrypt traffic, leaving them to work with metadata. Netography Fusion, a SaaS platform, is the only product built to protect the Atomized Network - it was designed to deliver immediate value with minimal effort to deploy and zero costly hardware to install. It works exclusively with metadata from on-premises, cloud and hybrid devices, and systems without breaking encryption. Metadata can be quickly and securely exported, without the need to deploy or manage additional sensors or appliances, and as a result, organizations gain complete visibility into their environment and can effectively block global threats in real-time with little effort to deploy. Netography gives organizations one place to look, write policy, analyze events, and hunt threats. In essence, they can write once and detect everywhere across everything. Netography Fusion deploys, runs, and scales using the full power of the cloud, without additional physical or virtual sensors/appliances to manage or the challenges of unwieldy full-packet capture and deep-packet inspection solutions: - immediately detects and prioritizes network threats not previously visible. Context-driven, enterprise-wide visibility helps detect threats including SPAM, botnets, DDoS, IP reputation, malware, P2P, data exfiltration, ransomware - customizable responses/remediation tactics to protect any environment single-pane view of traffic flow and global assets across the entire network (on-premises, hybrid, and cloud, including AWS, Oracle Cloud, IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud) - proactively hunts threats - dashboards display the network in real time, letting customers focus on what matters and drill down into incidents/details with a few clicks - deploys easily by copying/pasting a small piece of code Built with a security focus, Netography Fusion prevents cyberattacks and stops threats that typically go unseen, enabling security and network teams to shift to a proactive approach to security. It complements existing security deployments, and by leveraging the Netography Fusion portal, enables teams to control devices more efficiently and effectively, and reduce threats. - Netography doesn’t require hardware to be deployed for use. Netography uses companies’ existing infrastructure. - No customer integration tools are required as flexible and powerful APIs send data in real-time to other systems. - Unlike other security tools, Netography doesn’t require additional headcount or a specialized staff member(s) to operate the platform. It’s designed to be robust for the most seasoned of users, but simple enough that anyone can manage. - Netography requires no capital investments or lengthy implementations. Rapid and lightweight deployment methods are available across cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments.


We do well in this space because we have concierge services that include onsite installation for multisite large rollouts. We offer specialized resources like architects to this population as well, which allows customers to crawl, walk, run with our advanced products. Lastly, we offer a full suite of solutions from SIP trunks through automation and virtual agency which solves for all communication needs within mid-size and large customers.


We are large enough to deliver and be trusted and small enough to care and give a premium service


The Nutanix Cloud Platform is designed to meet the needs of midsized companies whose IT strategies must accommodate applications and data residing in traditional on-prem data centers, in multiple public clouds, and at the edge, which drive additional cost and complexity to manage. The Nutanix Cloud Platform meets these needs, while delivering the simplicity and agility of public cloud alongside the performance, security, and control of private cloud. This provides midsized customers unified management and operations, one-click simplicity, intelligent automation, and always-on availability across multiple clouds.


PacketFabric’s platform simplifies our midsized clients network infrastructure with ease and speed of deployment of high-speed cloud and data center connectivity via an easy-to-use web portal.

Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks ML-Powered NGFWs (specifically the PA-400 series) are specifically designed to work well for midsized clients for several reasons. First, they offer high-performance security features, including industry-first inline deep learning based threat detection, App-ID technology, and cloud-delivered security services (CDSS), that are scalable and easy to manage. This allows midsize clients to deploy a robust security solution without needing a large IT staff or significant security budget. Additionally, Palo Alto Networks NGFWs integrate seamlessly with Panorama, a centralized management tool for network security policies. Panorama enables IT teams to manage multiple NGFWs from a single console, streamlining security policy management and making it easy to monitor threats and respond to incidents. With Panorama, midsize clients can quickly and easily deploy new security policies across their network, ensuring that all devices are up-to-date and protected against emerging threats. They can also monitor network traffic and receive alerts when threats are detected, enabling them to respond quickly and mitigate any potential damage. Finally, AIOps for NGFW redefines firewall operational experience by empowering security teams to proactively strengthen security posture and resolve firewall disruptions. Overall, Palo Alto Networks NGFWs offer an ideal combination of performance, security, and manageability


Pappsales works well for mid-sized clients because it offers a comprehensive sales management solution that is affordable and easy to use. Unlike other sales management tools, Pappsales does not require clients to use Salesforce, which can be costly and complex for mid-sized businesses. Pappsales is designed to streamline sales processes, increase efficiency, and provide valuable insights that enable businesses to make data-driven decisions. Additionally, Pappsales offers a mobile app that allows sales teams to manage activities, optimize visits, and track performance from anywhere, at any time.


Supply chains and inventory costs are rising. The Logistics Managers’ Index that tracks overall logistics prices, including transportation, warehousing, and inventory prices reached record levels in 2021, showing a 14% increase year-over-year, with inventory costs growing 33% over the past 24 months. However, as companies are looking to improve their processes’ efficiencies, innovate and modernize their business functions, they are facing a shortage of developers - especially in mid-market companies. In a research report from Gartner, IT executives named the talent shortage as the most significant barrier to adoption for 64% of emerging technologies, compared with just 4% in 2020. Pillir application suites allow companies to instantly modernize their business functions and processes using out-of-the-box, pre-built web, and mobile-friendly business applications, while easily customizing it to their unique needs while incurring a fraction of the resources, risk, cost, and time, of traditional methods. Based on Pillir’s award-winning low-code platform, the suites comprise tens of different applications such as Goods Issue apps, Goods Receipt apps, Stock Transfer, Transfer Order, and many other common functions. The suites of business applications can be deployed in hours, giving enterprises an immediate solution to supply chain delays, rising costs, and their inability to respond to market needs.


Proofpoint Aegis Threat Protection Platform gives midmarket organizations a comprehensive solution that goes beyond email and protects them from today’s most advanced cybersecurity threats, including phishing, BEC, and ransomware. Customers of all sizes benefit from the same industry-leading AI detection engines that secure +85% of Fortune 100 companies. Our flexibility in deployment options (on-premise, cloud, hybrid, and API-based), our seamless integration with Microsoft 365, and our ability to automate remediation save security teams valuable administrative hours. Customers can quickly understand how they’re being targeted and make better security decisions with our easy-to-use interface and unparalleled visibility, all available in a variety of cost-effective pricing bundles. Finally, our strong channel partnerships ensure that we can support customers at every step of their security journey.

Pyramid Analytics

The Pyramid Decision Intelligence Platform delivers insights for everyone to make faster, more informed decisions. It provides direct access to any data, enables governed self-service for any person, and serves any analytics need in a no-code environment. Our unified platform uniquely combines Data Prep, Business Analytics, and Data Science in a single environment with AI guidance, reducing cost and complexity while accelerating growth and innovation. The Pyramid Decision Intelligence Platform offers midsized businesses the flexibility and scalability to start small, expand within the organization, and go beyond the firewall to customers, partners, and suppliers.

QS2 Point

We can augment our customer’s technology teams, allowing them to dedicate more resources to innovation, rather than just maintenance. Being a nearshore offering, we are an affordable option for the midsize market.

Red Hat

Opportunities for innovation and growth span the entire IT organization, but businesses are often held back by design, management, and operation challenges. Red Hat™ solutions will meet midsize organizations wherever they are in their IT evolution to address these challenges. Our solutions can help your clients: -Establish a cohesive, standardized infrastructure. -Make the most of the cloud. -Use automation to free up their teams. -Modernize applications for agility and speed. -Manage high data volume. -Rethink security to work in a cloud environment. Learn about the role open source can play for midsize organizations and find out how Red Hat’s portfolio can help your clients modernize and innovate.

Red Sift

As more companies rely on digital communications, there’s a surging need for threat detection technology that specifically addresses BEC, phishing and other email-specific threats. Built as a platform infrastructure rather than siloed products, all our solutions work in conjunction with one another, providing mid-sized clients with layered, enterprise-level threat protection. This differentiated approach gives customers shared intelligence and added insight across different branches of IT and Security departments, with simplified workflows increasing overall company efficiency and drastically reducing the costs to remain protected against cyberattacks. OnDMARC and OnINBOX work together to uncover and categorize the risk profile of who the company’s staff is communicating with. OnINBOX maps out all the organizations that a company sends emails to, while OnDMARC’s authentication analysis looks at whether or not they have DMARC and other security protocols in place. These come together in a visual mapping of the company’s supply chain, grouped and classified by security set up. OnDOMAIN rounds out OnDMARC and OnINBOX’s capabilities by providing insight into suspicious domain registration. For example, if someone else registers a lookalike domain based on your organization’s domain name, OnDOMAIN will pick this up and flag it. Finally, OnDOMAIN not only finds suspicious domain registrations, but domain registrations that are legitimate and have either been forgotten about or the IT team isn’t aware of. This could be someone in marketing registering a domain for a spin off microsite to support a campaign they are running. Once uncovered, it can then be properly secured and managed via OnDMARC. Strategic technology partnerships have also been formed to provide our customers with enhanced capabilities. For example, our partnership with Entrust allows customers a “one-stop shop” to obtain their Verified Mark Certificate (VMC) and become BIMI certified - displaying their trademarked logo within the inbox of all the emails they deliver. Our integration with Opsecs powers our data intelligence functionality, providing our customers with data about SPAM blacklist checks on their company IPs and email domains.

Scale Computing

Scale Computing delivers a complete platform for running your applications at the branch office, distributed enterprise, and edge computing. The Scale Computing software platform makes IT infrastructure easier for organizations of every size, particularly midsized businesses. Whether you have one IT administrator or hundreds, Scale Computing infrastructure eliminates complexity, lowers costs, and frees up management time. Using an appliance-based approach to virtualization, the Scale Computing infrastructure solution is faster to deploy, easier to manage, and allows organizations to scale seamlessly as they grow. Even in an emergency with the failure of hardware components or entire appliances, Scale Computing keeps critical apps up and running, providing midsized organizations the reliability and flexibility they need.

Software AG

Enterprise grade solutions specifically priced for the mid-market customer. Established and commercial grade use case solutions for mid-market customers in specific industries and vertical markets


The cybersecurity threat landscape is complex and evolving. That combined with huge industry experience and skills gaps have created the perfect cybersecurity storm and mid-sized organizations need help. Sophos is addressing this urgent need by delivering mid-size businesses the most advanced portfolio of cybersecurity offerings, including MDR and incident response services and a broad portfolio of endpoint, network, email, and cloud security technologies, that help organizations defeat cyberattacks. Flagship offerings include Sophos MDR, Sophos Intercept X, Sophos XDR, Sophos Firewall, Sophos ZTNA, and more. Sophos’ robust, integrated portfolio of market-leading solutions and managed security services are powered by deep threat intelligence from Sophos X-Ops, a cross-operational task force of more than 500 SophosLabs, Sophos SecOps and SophosAI defenders. They’re easily managed in the cloud-native Sophos Central platform or by Sophos MDR. Offerings are part of the Sophos Adaptive Cybersecurity Ecosystem where they share real-time threat intelligence for faster and more contextual and synchronized protection, detection and response. The smart ecosystem is revolutionizing cybersecurity and improving industry-wide defenses against cyberattacks, changing the way in which organizations protect themselves against increasingly evasive and sophisticated cyberattacks.


Starburst works well for midsized clients because it provides a single point of secure access to all their data, making it fast and easy to access no matter where it lives. Typically, organizations have multiple data repositories and architecture types. Without a single point of access, data users often need to spend valuable time and resources copying and moving data. Starburst, built on open-source Trino (formerly PrestoSQL), is the fastest SQL-based MPP query engine. It queries data across any database, making it instantly actionable for data-driven organizations. With Starburst, teams can lower the total cost of their infrastructure and analytics investments, prevent vendor lock-in, and use the existing tools that work for their business.

Syncari, Inc.

We have a no-code platform that does enterprise level data and process automation, geared toward business users. Using Syncari, business users can have powerful data and workflow capabilities to drive GTM alignment, activation, and analysis for their business. Syncari is priced to be high value to mid-market and enterprises, which scales with you, not gouge you. Our Syncari Embedded product allows OEMs to also deliver superior stateful sync of top business systems to drive alignment, activation, and analysis within their products.


Our tiered product portfolio offers a range of pricing and functionality to meet the wide-ranging needs and growth of midmarket enterprises. Our foundational offering, Syxsense Manage, provides robust device and patch management capabilities, including discovery, patch scanning and deployment, Feature Updates and Active Directory integration, real-time data for compliance reporting and accurate decision-making, and troubleshooting tools such as remote control. As midmarket organizations grow, additional capabilities provide greater security while leveraging automation to enable companies to cover their IT infrastructure without needing additional staff or resources. With our elevated product offerings, enterprises get vulnerability scanning, policy-based controls, and a powerful, no-code automation technology - Cortex - that simplifies complex processes. Clients can create Cortex workflows, set them, and focus on more critical initiatives. With Syxsense Enterprise, clients can access pre-built scripts to remediate any vulnerabilities that are found in their security scans - and this can be done automatically with Cortex. Syxsense solutions truly help midsized companies do more with less - by offering multiple foundational IT and security capabilities coupled with robust automation and remediation.


Targus’ solutions enable today’s midsized clients to equip their mobile and agile workforce with the tools they need to get the most out of the technology they rely on every day. Its innovative solutions enable productivity, protection, and flexibility, empowering professionals to work well from anywhere. A deep understanding of the needs of the modern workspace and emerging technologies have earned Targus the trust of Fortune 1000 companies around the globe. Targus connectivity solutions meet the demands of agile offices, while laptop cases and mobile accessories incorporate designs that make it quicker and easier to get around. Targus offers a complete range of mobile accessory products that enhance the mobile computing experience and continues to set the standards in excellence for protection, craftsmanship and functionality in cases and accessories for tablets, smartphones, laptops and other mobile devices.


We provide experienced people, process and technology at affordable prices. Our engineers, designers and project managers are all senior level. Every team follows a rigorous process to ensure they are correctly structured. We use best practice tools including AI to help us build QA and design custom software.

Technology Evaluation Centers

Technology Evaluation Centers’ experts always make sure to offer the right-size solution at the right price, and with timely delivery. By following this strategy and principle, TEC reduces the time, cost, and risk of your technology investment.


Market research shows that 56% of customers repeating themselves leads to high effort service with 40% of consumers saying poor service as a reason they cancel contracts. Mid-market companies cant afford to lose those customers because of something that is easily fixed with proper customer service. That is where TechSee comes in. Not only do we help companies enter the digital visual transformation age, we greatly increase c-sat and NPS all while lowering employee turnover and friction, key things mid-market organizations are focused on.


Because the Midmarket often have in-house talent that can do all the work that sellers in the supply chain our supposed to do like: define functional requirements, needs analysis, and specifications. Therefore, they ought not be forced to pay for sales people and sales entities that they do not require. TechTrust remediates these inherent misalignments and inefficiencies.


We provide different IT vendors out of box products in more tailored and customized solutions which solves the business problems of Mid-Size Companies. As most IT vendors out of box products or solutions solve more enterprise customers but are not ready for Mid-Market customers.


Midsized clients need full visibility into the attack surface along with a unified view of all assets. Tenable’s exposure management solutions can help security practitioners prioritize efforts in remediating software vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and improperly assigned credential entitlements. Such comprehensive visibility and prioritization capabilities enable security teams to better understand their attack surface, eliminate blind spots and build a baseline for effective risk management. This empowers them to make the best decisions around what, when and how to mitigate exposures that put the organization most at risk.


Our solutions provide the power of large enterprise grade security, in an accessible way.


For fast-growing, mid-sized businesses, Tipalti provides a comprehensive, multi-entity accounts payable solution that automates the minutiae of supplier payment processes. Our customers typically wipe out 80% of their payables effort, enabling them to focus on more strategic areas of the business while delighting their supplier base. Tipalti also helps improve compliance and financial controls, reduce risk, and employ best practices needed to scale.


TP-Link’s Business/ISP solutions work well for mid-size clients because they meet their technical needs for new technology now that is affordable, and reliable with advanced features, remote management, easy to use interfaces, and ease of installation without the high cost of other mid-market networking solutions. TP-Link offers mid-size organizations access to Tier 1-quality chipsets and components while standing behind their solutions with limited lifetime warranties.

Trapp Technology

Mid-sized clients would benefit from buying managed IT services through ArmorPoint and Trapp Technology for several reasons: 1. Cost savings: Managed IT services offer cost savings to mid-sized businesses by reducing the need for hiring and training in-house IT personnel, purchasing expensive equipment, and maintaining IT infrastructure. By outsourcing their IT needs to ArmorPoint and Trapp Technology, mid-sized clients can take advantage of economies of scale and save money on IT services. 2. Scalability: Managed IT services can scale up or down based on the changing needs of the business, making it a flexible solution for mid-sized clients. With managed IT services, businesses can add or remove services as needed, making it a cost-effective solution for companies with fluctuating IT needs. 3. Expertise: ArmorPoint and Trapp Technology have a team of highly skilled IT professionals who can provide expert guidance and support to mid-sized businesses. They have the knowledge and experience to address complex IT issues and provide customized solutions that meet the unique needs of each business. 4. Security: As cyber threats become more sophisticated, mid-sized businesses need to ensure that their IT systems are secure. ArmorPoint and Trapp Technology provide comprehensive security services that help businesses protect their data and infrastructure from cyber threats. 5. Focus on core business: By outsourcing their IT needs to ArmorPoint and Trapp Technology, mid-sized businesses can focus on their core business activities instead of worrying about IT issues. This allows businesses to be more productive and efficient, which can lead to increased profitability. Overall, managed IT services offer several benefits to mid-sized businesses, including cost savings, scalability, expertise, security, and the ability to focus on core business activities. By partnering with ArmorPoint and Trapp Technology, mid-sized businesses can take advantage of these benefits and improve their overall IT performance.

Triton Networks, LLC.

Our solutions leverage the most powerful CPU on the planet.

True Increase

Our solutions leverage the most powerful CPU on the planet.


We offer a scalable solution designed for teams with shifting contractors/third-party users, the only Zero Trust Network Access solution that does not require reworking, and pricing that matches that of their current VPN technology (without the ongoing maintenance). We also have top-tier support for all customers regardless of spend/user counts.

VIPRE Security Group

VIPRE delivers layered next generation security solutions that protect everything from endpoints and email to end users. We put the latest technologies like machine learning and behavioral analysis to work for clients and partners focusing on simplicity without sacrificing the sophistication required to address today’s threats. Regardless of IT team size, VIPRE solutions are lightweight as well as easy to implement and use.


WatchGuard is committed to the security of all organizations, but WatchGuard’s mix of enterprise-grade security that’s simplified for easy deployment and management is the perfect choice for midsized businesses and the MSPs who serve them. Despite being under constant threat from cybercriminals, midsized organizations often have limited budgets and resources to defend themselves. In fact, 21% of midsized organizations report their IT departments have a security skills gap. Additionally, a report from Gartner states that IT executives list talent shortages as the most significant barrier to the adoption of 64 percent of emerging technologies, ahead of cost and security. WatchGuard understands that many mid-sized organizations depend on managed service providers (MSPs) to protect their business. As a 100% channel-driven company, WatchGuard’s mission has always been about helping our MSP partners better protect customers by modernizing, expanding, and elevating security delivery. Our entire organization is structured around partner success, including how we design and develop products, package and sell services, and enable partner businesses. Every deal made, every product sold, and every new customer gained is a mutual success. WatchGuard products are designed with the needs of midsized organizations and the partners that serve them in mind, maximizing their ability to deploy and manage a broad security portfolio through a single pane of glass to gain efficiencies in management, staff training and more. Our products are designed to deliver: Enterprise-Grade Security. At the heart of it, the middle market is worried about protecting their business from both known attacks and those yet to be discovered. There’s also the additional challenge of protecting employees and data outside the network. But run-of-the-mill enterprise solutions come with a bunch of bells and whistles that midsized businesses will never need and don’t have the bandwidth to support. Security solutions should be designed to fit a business’ needs, not the other way around. Centralized Management. Midsized organizations need visibility into every part of their business. But with employees traveling to every corner of the country and remote locations around the world, it can be challenging to make sense of all the data being acquired. Additionally, adding new security to a business can mean juggling several different interfaces. WatchGuard answers the call by providing multiple security needs all in one package to decrease the number of user interfaces teams need to learn and manage. Ease of Use. With employees and offices outside the protective cover of a physical headquarters, midsized businesses need solutions that are easy to deploy and use. From firewalls to Wi-Fi access points to multi-factor authentication, the easier solutions are to deploy, the more likely it is that midsized organizations are secure. Everyone Belongs. No matter your company size or go-to-market strategy, WatchGuard values your business. The WatchGuardONE channel community includes some of the world’s most diverse IT solution providers, including resellers, VARs, consultants, system integrators, MSPs, MSSPs, and the many varying hybrid models in between. Our unique specializations enable partners to create a personalized experience that caters specifically to the products and services that are most relevant and profitable for their company, and make it easy to expand into new security products and services as their business changes over time.

Zero Networks

Zero Networks solutions are well-suited for midsized clients due to several key factors. Firstly, our products offer comprehensive network security, addressing the specific needs of midsized organizations that require robust protection against cyber threats. Secondly, the solutions are designed with ease of use and deployment in mind, allowing midsized clients with limited IT resources to implement and manage them effectively. Finally, the agentless nature of our microsegmentation product eliminates the need for individual device agents, simplifying the deployment process and reducing operational complexity. These factors combine to make Zero Networks solutions a practical and efficient choice for midsized clients seeking effective network security solutions.