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The 2023 MES Midmarket 100

CRN Staff

The 2023 MES Midmarket 100 recognizes vendors that have proven themselves to be forward-thinking technology providers offering solutions that support the growth and innovation of midmarket organizations.

True Increase

Our solutions leverage the most powerful CPU on the planet.


We offer a scalable solution designed for teams with shifting contractors/third-party users, the only Zero Trust Network Access solution that does not require reworking, and pricing that matches that of their current VPN technology (without the ongoing maintenance). We also have top-tier support for all customers regardless of spend/user counts.

VIPRE Security Group

VIPRE delivers layered next generation security solutions that protect everything from endpoints and email to end users. We put the latest technologies like machine learning and behavioral analysis to work for clients and partners focusing on simplicity without sacrificing the sophistication required to address today’s threats. Regardless of IT team size, VIPRE solutions are lightweight as well as easy to implement and use.


WatchGuard is committed to the security of all organizations, but WatchGuard’s mix of enterprise-grade security that’s simplified for easy deployment and management is the perfect choice for midsized businesses and the MSPs who serve them. Despite being under constant threat from cybercriminals, midsized organizations often have limited budgets and resources to defend themselves. In fact, 21% of midsized organizations report their IT departments have a security skills gap. Additionally, a report from Gartner states that IT executives list talent shortages as the most significant barrier to the adoption of 64 percent of emerging technologies, ahead of cost and security. WatchGuard understands that many mid-sized organizations depend on managed service providers (MSPs) to protect their business. As a 100% channel-driven company, WatchGuard’s mission has always been about helping our MSP partners better protect customers by modernizing, expanding, and elevating security delivery. Our entire organization is structured around partner success, including how we design and develop products, package and sell services, and enable partner businesses. Every deal made, every product sold, and every new customer gained is a mutual success. WatchGuard products are designed with the needs of midsized organizations and the partners that serve them in mind, maximizing their ability to deploy and manage a broad security portfolio through a single pane of glass to gain efficiencies in management, staff training and more. Our products are designed to deliver: Enterprise-Grade Security. At the heart of it, the middle market is worried about protecting their business from both known attacks and those yet to be discovered. There’s also the additional challenge of protecting employees and data outside the network. But run-of-the-mill enterprise solutions come with a bunch of bells and whistles that midsized businesses will never need and don’t have the bandwidth to support. Security solutions should be designed to fit a business’ needs, not the other way around. Centralized Management. Midsized organizations need visibility into every part of their business. But with employees traveling to every corner of the country and remote locations around the world, it can be challenging to make sense of all the data being acquired. Additionally, adding new security to a business can mean juggling several different interfaces. WatchGuard answers the call by providing multiple security needs all in one package to decrease the number of user interfaces teams need to learn and manage. Ease of Use. With employees and offices outside the protective cover of a physical headquarters, midsized businesses need solutions that are easy to deploy and use. From firewalls to Wi-Fi access points to multi-factor authentication, the easier solutions are to deploy, the more likely it is that midsized organizations are secure. Everyone Belongs. No matter your company size or go-to-market strategy, WatchGuard values your business. The WatchGuardONE channel community includes some of the world’s most diverse IT solution providers, including resellers, VARs, consultants, system integrators, MSPs, MSSPs, and the many varying hybrid models in between. Our unique specializations enable partners to create a personalized experience that caters specifically to the products and services that are most relevant and profitable for their company, and make it easy to expand into new security products and services as their business changes over time.

Zero Networks

Zero Networks solutions are well-suited for midsized clients due to several key factors. Firstly, our products offer comprehensive network security, addressing the specific needs of midsized organizations that require robust protection against cyber threats. Secondly, the solutions are designed with ease of use and deployment in mind, allowing midsized clients with limited IT resources to implement and manage them effectively. Finally, the agentless nature of our microsegmentation product eliminates the need for individual device agents, simplifying the deployment process and reducing operational complexity. These factors combine to make Zero Networks solutions a practical and efficient choice for midsized clients seeking effective network security solutions.


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