10 Coolest Cybersecurity Products At CrowdStrike Fal.Con 2023

Among the dozens of exhibitors at the conference, cybersecurity vendors including Abnormal Security, Cloudflare and Zscaler showcased products that feature tight integrations with CrowdStrike’s Falcon platform.

Products To Know

Currently, cybersecurity giant CrowdStrike has nearly two dozen product modules available on its unified Falcon platform, making the company much more than an endpoint security vendor at this point. At the same time, CrowdStrike also places a high priority on integrating with other security vendors that offer complementary capabilities, executives said this week during CrowdStrike’s Fal.Con 2023 in Las Vegas. During the conference, 70 exhibitors are showcasing cybersecurity products and services that are integrated with CrowdStrike Falcon, including in areas such as email security, security service edge (SSE) and secure web browsers.

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Many of those vendor have announced partnerships that involve tight integrations of their security capabilities with CrowdStrike’s Falcon platform — some of which disclosed expanded collaborations just this week. Notable Falcon-friendly cybersecurity products being showcased at the conference include offerings from major vendors such as Zscaler and Cloudflare, as well as from up-and-coming vendors like Abnormal Security and a number of security startups.

What follows are 10 of the coolest cybersecurity products at Fal.Con 2023 (from vendors other than CrowdStrike).

Abnormal Security

In March, Abnormal Security — a fast-growing vendor offering AI-powered protection for email and collaboration apps — and CrowdStrike disclosed a new “strategic technology partnership.” The collaboration includes an integration of CrowdStrike Falcon with Abnormal’s platform “to offer best-in-class email and endpoint attack detection and response with automated account remediation,” the companies said in a news release. CrowdStrike’s Falcon Fund also announced an investment into Abnormal Security at the time. The company specializes in using behavioral AI technologies to protect against threats from inbound emails and account takeovers, as well as for detection of malicious activity in Slack, Microsoft Teams and Zoom. In August, Abnormal announced its new CheckGPT tool, focused on detecting attacks that were created using generative AI.

Beyond Identity

With its passwordless multifactor authentication tool, Beyond Identity is aiming to make MFA easier for users while also making the log-in process “phishing-resistant.” On top of all that, Beyond Identity also helps organizations to adopt a zero trust security posture by providing continuous device trust checks. In late 2022, Beyond Identity completed a “deep technical integration” with CrowdStrike Falcon, the company said in a news release. “The combination of Beyond Identity’s advanced, passwordless MFA and CrowdStrike Falcon’s leading endpoint protection stops the two prevalent sources of ransomware and account takeover attacks—passwords and compromised endpoints,” the startup said.


Key capabilities from Cloudflare’s security service edge (SSE) offering have been a major focus for integration efforts with CrowdStrike Falcon. Those include Cloudflare’s zero trust network access (ZTNA) and secure web gateway (SWG), which in early 2022 were “integrated directly with CrowdStrike’s real-time device posture assessments – Falcon ZTA – to strengthen the Zero Trust posture of joint customers,” the companies said in a news release at the time.


Among early-stage startups, Cribl is one that gets mentioned by CrowdStrike executives frequently. That’s because the startup’s technology has proven to offer a big boost to CrowdStrike’s efforts to make life easier for security and IT teams. In April, Cribl introduced a new tool — CrowdStream — that simplifies the method for getting security and IT data onto CrowdStrike Falcon.

The CrowdStream platform natively connects third-party data sources to CrowdStrike Falcon using the Cribl observability pipeline, simplifying and lowering the cost of bringing data onto the Falcon platform, the companies said. Third-party products that CrowdStream can work with include security information and event management (SIEM) tools, firewalls and essentially “any source” — even products outside of cybersecurity, according to Daniel Bernard, chief business officer at CrowdStrike.

The offering ultimately aims to accelerate adoption of CrowdStrike’s XDR and log management technologies, while also helping to aggregate data for the training of AI and machine learning models. In order to accelerate the deployment of XDR, the key is to “get more data in the platform,” Bernard said in April. And Cribl, he said, is “leading the market right now when it comes to data movement.”

CrowdStrike has also invested in Cribl through its Falcon Fund.


In connection with Fal.Con 2023, ExtraHop announced this week that it has expanded its partnership with CrowdStrike around the compay’s Reveal(x) network detection and response platform. ExtraHop disclosed that it has “embedded” CrowdStrike’s automated threat intelligence offering, Falcon Intelligence, into Reveal(x). The integration will bring together “CrowdStrike’s industry-leading threat data with high-fidelity network insights from Reveal(x),” enabling “more timely, reliable and contextual detections that can help decrease mean time to respond,” ExtraHop said in a news release.


Island, a fast-growing startup that offers a security-focused web browser for businesses, has integrated its browser with CrowdStrike Falcon to provide advantages including “fine-grain policy control over every facet of a user’s interaction with a web application,” the company said on its listing in the CrowdStrike Marketplace. Meanwhile, Island also leverages threat intelligence from Falcon as part of enabling its real-time decision-making in response to suspicious user behavior, the company said.

While CrowdStrike’s Falcon Fund is not a backer of Island, the startup has received funding from Dmitri Alperovitch, the co-founder and former CTO of CrowdStrike.

Obsidian Security

With its SaaS security posture management platform, Obsidian Security has sought to dramatically improve visibility and security for Salesforce, Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, ServiceNow and other major SaaS apps. Obsidian and CrowdStrike Falcon have been integrated to provide “complete visibility across your endpoints and cloud applications, giving your team seamless security coverage across the entire last mile,” the company said on its listing in the CrowdStrike Marketplace.

One of Obsidian’s investors, venture firm IVP, has previously drawn a comparison between Obsidian and CrowdStrike, which IVP had backed. “We view the way [CrowdStrike has] protected the endpoint as the analogy for how Obsidian’s going to protect the application layer,” IVP General Partner Somesh Dash said previously.

Salt Security

API security vendor Salt Security — which CrowdStrike invested in a year ago via its Falcon Fund — announced during Fal.Con 2023 that it has integrated its platform with Falcon. The integration between the Salt Security API Protection Platform and Falcon will provide “a 360-degree view of API security risks with unique insights into the application-layer attack surface,” Salt said in a news release. This is made possible by combining Salt’s API runtime monitoring with CrowdStrike protection capabilities, ultimately enabling “complete visibility” into an organization’s API attack surface.

Salt Security’s ability to discover and prevent API attacks in runtime is crucial for protecting customers, Michael Nicosia, co-founder and COO at Salt Security, previously told CRN. “We think securing your APIs in runtime is the most value for your money today — versus going into the ‘shift left’ side, the pre-production side, where a lot of our competitors are moving into.”

Talon Cyber Security

Talon, which offers a secure Chro­mium-based browser, said it’s enabling a number of important capabilities through multiple integrations with CrowdStrike Falcon. In April, Talon announced integrations with CrowdStrike Falcon Intelligence to “provide customers with a proven integration to secure unmanaged device use across environments”; with Falcon Identity Protection to offer “layered identity insights for comprehensive visibility into authentication activity”; and with CrowdStrike Falcon LogScale to provide “comprehensive visibility for accelerated threat hunting and forensics operation,” the company said in a news release.

CrowdStrike has also invested in Talon through its Falcon Fund.


Among CrowdStrike’s strongest technical partnerships is with zero trust security specialist Zscaler, executives from the two companies have said. The integration of Zscaler’s Zero Trust Exchange with CrowdStrike enables numerous capabilities, including the “ability to assess device health and automatically implement appropriate access policies,” Zscaler said on its website.

During Fal.Con 2023 this week, the two companies — along with Imprivata — announced a jointly developed zero trust security offering for use by medical institutions. The offering is aimed at helping healthcare organizations to better protect patient data and avoid interruptions to their critical operations, amid a surge in ransomware attacks against the organizations. Through the new integration, “users of the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange platform, Imprivata OneSign and the CrowdStrike Falcon platform will be able to more effectively adopt a zero trust architecture that offers granular access management, threat protection and traceability capabilities to better protect against ransomware,” Zscaler said in a news release.