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10 Hot Cyber Threat Intelligence Tools And Services In 2022

Jay Fitzgerald

From Sophos’s ‘X-Ops’ To Blackcloak’s ‘Honeypot’ offering, firms are providing more proactive intelligence offerings to combat increasing cyberthreats.

For years, cybersecurity was seen as a mostly defensive operation to keep bad actors at bay, shoring up digital fortifications across a number of proven or potential attack vectors.

But cybersecurity companies, both big and small, are increasingly introducing new intelligence offerings as ways to combat cyberattacks, proactively trying to identify potential bad actors and their tactics before they unleash sometimes devastating attacks on organizations.

Some of the intelligence offering include the use of AI to sift through data and provide risk analytics to customers. Some include actual analysts diving into the dark web to find and assess risks.

Others offering provide a combination of AI and human intelligence capabilities.

Meanwhile, cybersecurity companies are also establishing new internal intelligence and general research units to enhance intelligence gathering and product development.

As part of CRN’s Cybersecurity Week 2022, here’s look at 10 intelligence hot tools and services offered by cybersecurity companies, from both large firms and startups.

* Trellix’s Advanced Research Center

* Sophos X-Ops

* Fortinet’s FortiRecon

* SentinelOne’s Singularity Vulnerability Mapping

* Cyberint’s Argos Edge

* BlackCloak’s ‘Honeypot’ deception trap

* Cybersixgill’s Dynamic Vulnerability Exploit (DVE) Intelligence

* Securonix: Identity Analytics and Intelligence

* CrowdStrike’s suite of threat intelligence products

* Nisos: Managed Intelligence

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