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10 Hot Generative AI Products And Companies At RSAC 2023

Kyle Alspach, Wade Tyler Millward

Generative AI has been a major theme at RSA Conference 2023, both as a topic of discussion and in many of the show’s biggest product launches.

Generative AI At RSAC 2023

While it’s been clear for months that generative AI could have a major upside for cyberdefense, just a few cybersecurity vendors had unveiled products leveraging the technology—until this week. At RSA Conference 2023, generative AI has been everywhere, both on the show floor and as a ubiquitous topic of discussion. Vendors unveiled generative AI-powered products for security operations teams, code security, threat intelligence and more in connection with RSAC 2023.

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OpenAI’s hugely popular ChatGPT may be recognized as a useful tool for threat actors, but the applications on the cyberdefense side are growing, as well—particularly when it comes to improving the productivity of security analysts. At RSAC 2023 in San Francisco, cybersecurity companies showcasing new products powered by generative AI include SentinelOne, Google Cloud, Recorded Future and Veracode.

They join other vendors such as SlashNext, which had launched its generative AI email security tool in late February; Orca Security, which was quick to integrate GPT-3 into its cloud security platform; and Microsoft, which unveiled its Security Copilot tool in late March. Security Copilot uses the latest version of OpenAI’s large language model, GPT-4, combined with Microsoft’s own security-focused AI model. A prominent backer of OpenAI, Microsoft has revealed plans to embed generative AI technology throughout its broad portfolio of security products.

But while Microsoft has received plenty of attention for its efforts to bring generative AI to the cybersecurity realm, the company now has some competition. What follows are 10 generative AI products and companies we’ve been tracking at RSAC 2023.

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