Tapping Identity Management Requires Patience

While identity management offers measurable ROI, there seems to be a disconnect between sales and industry needs. Solving that problem could lead to generous profits for solution providers pushing identity management solutions, particularly into the midmarket.

Identity management can drive revenue opportun- ities in the form of services, reporting and auditing.

Identity management can be deployed in several fashions, ranging from appliance-based solutions to server-based software to managed services, with biometric technology adding additional capabilities to any identity management solution.

Fifty-six percent of solution providers surveyed said they believe identity management is a long-term goal. Integrators can accelerate the adoption process by leveraging the latest legislative requirements, such as HIPAA and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Those requirements are aimed at vertical markets, specifically medical and financial, but solution providers can use the security requirements as a selling point to drive sales.

There is no lack of vendors when it comes in the market. They range from big players such as Novell to startup companies. The vendors have the same goals—selling a solution that simplifies secure access to IT technologies, while creating an auditable trail. Integrators selecting a solution will have to balance cost against ease of implementation to calculate the profitability around identity management. What's more, identity management can drive additional revenue opportunities in the form of services, reporting and auditing.

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When selecting the managed services model, solution providers can count on ongoing revenue streams due to the associated management tasks. That model, especially when it comes to a security solution, offers a long-term relationship between both the customer and the solution provider.

One thing is certain, the research numbers show that identity management has not been implemented anywhere near market predictions. Furthermore, the research indicates that identity management is currently on the back burner for both solution providers and their customers.

While on the surface that may disappoint vendors associated with the technology, the truth of the matter is that there is a vast untapped market for the technology. All that is needed is a little push from solution providers to show the advantages or legal requirements of deploying the technology.