Arizona Phishers Lived High On The Hog


"Phishing can generate large profits for criminals," said Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant for Sophos, in a statement. "And from all the signs, the problem is growing."

Robbin Shea Brown, 24, and Joshua T. Breshears, 19, were charged with several counts of credit card theft, fraudulent schemes, and money laundering. Brown is being held without bond, while Breshears' was set at $2 million.

Tucson investigators believe that Brown and Breshears were stealing identities using phishing e-mails, then coding blank credit cards with the information they hoodwinked out of the messages' recipients.

According to police, the pair had been living the high life for the past two years on income from the scam. Inside their house, officers found new furniture, artwork, a plasma TV, a big-screen TV, even a new stainless steel refrigerator with a TV built into the door. Also found were half a dozen computers, a device that writes data on credit card magnetic strips, and a small amount of methamphetamine.

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A spokesperson for the Tucson police said that his agency was working with the Secret Service. Agents believe the suspects may be involved in an international phishing ring that's already under investigation.