Citrix Debuts SSL VPN With VoIP Support

Designed for tight integration with Citrix's Presentation Server, Access Gateway 4.0 provides users with secure access to hosted applications. It is optimized for UDP-based-applications like as IP telephony, and provides access to distributed Windows and UNIX applications, direct-access Web applications and collaboration services.

According to Citrix, the gateway's Advanced Access Control feature provides granular control over applications deployed through the Presentation Server. Administrators can grant users different levels of access privileges depending on their identities, locations, the type of device they use to access the network, and the nature of their remote connection. It runs continuous endpoint scans to ensure that client systems are protected with antivirus and personal firewall software and can deny access to unprotected systems.

"The Citrix Access Gateway provides enterprises greater secure access options to users due to its centralized approach to security instead of a strictly "secure-the-perimeter" approach to securing the network," Citrix Access Gateway division president Murli Thirumale said in a statement. "With the Advanced Access Control feature, IT administrators can set precise access policies based on user's identity, location, device and connection while affording a seamless and consistent end-user experience."

The Citrix Access gateway will be available later this year, at prices starting at $2,495, and $99 per concurrent user for the base configuration.

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