NetApp, Decru Secure Storage Of Credit Card, Payment Data

Redwood City, Calif.-based Decru said the turnkey solution, called CardVault, will enable secure storage of credit-card data and support compliance with the new mandatory PCI security standards, decreasing the possibility of identity theft.

As part of the CardVault solution, Sunnyvale, Calif.-based NetApp will integrate Decru's DataFort storage security appliances and Decru's Client Security Module into its data protection and compliance solutions. As a result, the DataFort appliances will look like a standard NAS appliance and could be deployed into any applications that support standard NAS, SAN and IP SAN environments, Decru executives said.

CardVault allows data to be stored using AES-256 data encryption, authentication, access control and tamper-evident logging, all at wire-speed, according to Decru. Because of the new technology agreement, such data will the full range of data retention, disaster recovery and compliance capabilities offered by NetApp's FAS and NearStore storage systems, the company said.

Under the new PCI standards, which are being implemented by payment companies like Visa and MasterCard, merchants and payment processors are required to protect stored credit-card data using a wide range of best practices starting June 30, according to Decru.

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