Avocent's 'Digital Extension' Technology Takes PC Off The Desktop

The new Avocent extension system is comprised of a connector box that goes on the user's desktop, a PCI add-in card that goes in the user's PC, and a software utility called DWorks. The combination allows IT administrators to remove the PC from the desk to a central location for increased security and manageability, while supporting up to eight monitors on the desktop.

The small footprint desktop appliance is connected through standard Ethernet cabling or fiber (point-to-point or layer-2 gigabit switch) to a PCI add-in card installed in the centrally located and managed PC. This "Split Client" architecture is the only technology of its kind that enables the selection of any PC vendor, said Everett Brooks, Avocent vice president of sales, government and strategic accounts, in a statement.

"It allows IT administrators to easily migrate to new technology architectures such as blade systems or reuse their existing PC assets," said Brooks. "This technology is already deployed in some of the largest trading floor, banking and enhanced security environments both domestically and internationally."

The appliance is available in three versions: the S Series, L Series and C Series. The S-series is a complete appliance with on-board video; the L-series has an additional PCI slot and the option for on-board video; the C-series has two additional PCI slots for expansion. The user's keyboard, monitor and mouse are plugged into the desktop appliance that also includes USB, audio, serial and parallel device connectivity using the additional PCI slot. Video built into the appliance's board provides true DVI or analog support, depending on display requirements.

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The open architecture of the system lets customers decide the computer type and graphics card desired, and the range of features in the various models supports standard PC applications without changes while enforcing policies on installing software on or removing data from the computer.

Avocent specializes in switching, extension, intelligent platform management interface (IPMI), remote access and video display solutions. Additional information is available at: www.avocent.com.