EMC Dantz Backup Software Gets More Secure

The Hopkinton, Mass.-based storage vendor boosted the encryption data, as it is being backed up, to the AES 256-bit level, said Bill Dunmire, director of product marketing for EMC Dantz. The data had been encrypted at the 128-bit level. The software also is Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 197-certified, he said.

That level of security is important to many small businesses, especially organizations such as health-care facilities. where patient data must be kept for 40 years or more, Dunmire said.

Retrospect also now includes disk grooming for disk-to-disk backups. When data is backed up and a target backup device's capacity is reached, an administrator may have to manually delete old backups to make room. With disk grooming, old backups can be automatically deleted to make room, making it possible to schedule backups during off-hours, Dunmire said. Also new is support for 64-bit Windows operating systems, he added.

EMC acquired Dantz last October to improve its small- and midsize-business storage software offerings.

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