EMC Launches Security Data Storage System

Demand for video surveillance systems has grown in the wake of heightened concerns over security. SAMS includes EMC's Clariion storage arrays, Centera content-addressable storage system, and other software and services.

The product can be linked to analog and digital security devices such as surveillance cameras, access control devices, intrusion-detection systems, identity-recognition systems, sensors, and alarms. By aggregating surveillance information from multiple sources, the system helps security managers gather digital intelligence and respond to security problems more quickly.

Kentucky's Department of Juvenile Justice is deploying the system throughout its 30 facilities to safeguard residents and employees. "The SAMS product will enable us to monitor in real time the activities taking place in our facilities, and protect the rights of youth to safety and security," deputy commissioner Michael Dossett says.

SAMS will replace older analog video surveillance equipment in use at the department's sites, which include youth homes, group development facilities, and detention centers. SAMS can be scaled to maximize storage efficiency, Dossett says. Cameras, for example, can be set to record at three frames per second during normal periods and adjusted to take photos more or less frequently during peak or off-peak periods.

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