Freeware Bundles A Hit With System Builders

Apps such as Microsoft Office, Norton AntiVirus and Intuit Quicken are commonly available on brand-name PCs. Luckily, system builders can turn to the open-source world to bundle similar apps and more.

One great example is Open Office, a freeware suite that offers impressive compatibility with all of the leading Microsoft Office apps. Open Office includes a word processor, a presentation app, a spreadsheet, a drawing package and a database. The 75-Mbyte download can be found at

Another area that merits software bundling is security. When building a Windows-based PC, the first thing a systems integrator should address is how required patches are applied. They should consider downloading the free version of Microsoft AntiSpyware, which prevents malware from entering a system. Other free spyware removal and prevention tools are available, including Lavasoft&s Ad-Aware-SE (">) and Spybot Search and Destroy (

But security is more than just preventing adware and spyware infestations. System builders will need to counter threats such as viruses and worms. Avast 4 Home ( offers all the necessary features to protect the typical stand-alone PC from viruses. Avast also offers low-cost upgrades to business versions of its antivirus products.

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System builders also can focus on bringing additional value to their offerings through applications such as personal finance or accounting software. Money Manager from TheZeal is one example of a basic app that keeps track of checkbooks, credit cards and other finance-related activities.

Finally, remote-control apps such as TightVNC ( offer technicians the ability to remotely troubleshoot a machine, while also allowing users to remotely access their desktop PC.

By combining these products, system builders can offer a value that equals or exceeds tier-one vendors& offerings. Just focus on the features offered and the low costs associated with those features to help sell the complete package.