Radware Revs It Up

At its Radware Partner Forum 2005 in Miami this week, the company plans to introduce its APSolute product family to solution providers and start them on training and certification around its new framework for providing network availability, performance and security.

With the APSolute family, Radware is paring down its lineup of traffic management, bandwidth management, WAN optimization and security appliances, all of which run on a common operating system. “Pricing, training, management, operation—because of this unification, everything is becoming the same,” said Roy Zisapel, CEO of Radware, Mahwah, N.J.

The new architecture gives partners a more cohesive story around Radware technology and how it addresses customer problems, said Kurt Loock, president of Data Processing Sciences, a solution provider in Cincinnati.

“Instead of talking about particular Radware products, which is what we&ve had to do in the past, now we can talk about this APSolute family with common software, a common architecture and common management,” he said.

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Norm Shockley, CEO of Adeara, Sunnyvale, Calif., said the new family enables a more strategic sale. “We can look at how we can develop application performance and reliability,” he said.

Radware&s APSolute lineup includes five appliances. The AppDirector controller provides application acceleration and traffic optimization with integrated security features. It consolidates functionality previously available through Radware&s Web Server Director, Cache Server Director and Content Inspection Director lines.

AppXcel provides compression, caching and performance management for Web applications and is the next generation of Radware&s CertainT 100 line. SecureFlow, a security switch, provides unified management of customers& existing security tools. It succeeds Radware&s FireProof line.

The family also includes upgraded versions of Radware&s DefensePro intrusion-prevention and denial-of-service appliance and its LinkProof WAN optimization appliance.

Wrapped around the APSolute family is the new Insite management tool for all application switching devices, including server farms, routers and firewalls.

Existing customers can use software upgrades to tap into the new architecture, Zisapel said. “The channel can demonstrate to end users that they made a smart decision because they can take what they have today, or what they&ve purchased over the last several years, and upgrade them to the next-generation architecture. They don&t need to buy new hardware; they don&t need to change,” he said.

DefensePro 3020 is available now for $75,000. AppDirector and AppXcel are scheduled for availability at the end of the fourth quarter, with prices starting at $40,000 and $10,000, respectively. LinkProof is available now starting at $17,500. SecureFlow is entering beta testing this week and starts at $24,500.