TippingPoint Adds Phishing Protection

TippingPoint unveiled last week the new antiphishing capability aimed at protecting against identity theft. TippingPoint, Austin, Texas, claims to be the only comprehensive networked-based IPS vendor offering the phishing protection.

TippingPoint partners said the update, available now, provides a defense against a growing problem and arms them with more ammunition to sell the TippingPoint IPS into businesses of all sizes.

“Phishing is a real problem and it is growing exponentially,” said Lee Rudd, vice president of operations for Vigilar, an Atlanta provider of information security solutions. “We are seeing it come up more and more in conversations with customers. This gives us another option in our solutions bucket.”

Rudd said the antiphishing functionality allows TippingPoint to capitalize on the growing demand for end-to-end security in a single IPS. “This makes the TippingPoint product more bulletproof,” he said.

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TippingPoint said the antiphishing filters will be delivered as a free upgrade through TippingPoint&s weekly Digital Vaccine service. The first antiphishing filters were available four weeks ago, said Tod Beardsley, lead counter-fraud engineer for TippingPoint.

Magnus Boll, account manager for Access 2 Networks, a Toronto solution provider, said the antiphishing upgrade allows TippingPoint to maintain its market leadership position. “I don&t think they should charge for the new functionality,” he said. “This gives us another tool. It should make the product more attractive to customers.”

“This is the icing on the cake,” Boll said. “The big differentiator for TippingPoint is they inspect every bit of every byte of every packet that goes through the box at wirespeed.” Boll said he expects his TippingPoint sales to be up significantly this year. Furthermore, he applauded the company&s well-rounded product line moving from small businesses up to the enterprise.