Verizon Launches Management System For Server Operating Systems

The new offering enables IT customers to use the service in a variety of ways ranging from their own locations, third party locations, or from one of Verizon's more than 100 data centers.

"From process monitoring to file system space-management, Verizon Business tracks issues that may hamper the performance of the customer's critical IT infrastructure at the operating system level," said a Verizon Business statement. "When a problem is detected -- day or night -- Verizon Business works closely with customers to manage hardware and operation system issues, including identification, verification, diagnosis, resolution, tracking, escalation, and documenting problems."

As examples, Verizon Business said the service can remotely monitor and manage basic IT infrastructure and operating systems like Microsoft Windows and Sun Solaris.

The Verizon Business unit was launched in January after parent Verizon Communications acquired MCI.

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Earlier this week, Verizon vice chairman and president Lawrence T. Babbio Jr. said the rapid integration of MCI was resulting in costs that are being dramatically reduced, causing the firm to gain momentum in the business marketplace.

"We have a very clear financial plan that, as we see this technology scale, we will rapidly and dramatically improve the financial impact that we see in the coming years," Babbio said in a statement. He added that the firm expects to be able to deliver its new fiber optic TV services to between 3 and 4 million premises by the end of this year.