D&H Adds Security Vendors

“There’s been lots of talk about security and storage, but a lot of it hasn’t come down to the SMB space in full force,” said Dan Schwab, vice president of marketing at D&H, Harrisburg, Pa. “Vendor programs have not hit critical mass in SMB for a couple of reasons. There weren’t always a lot of full solutions, and price points weren’t SMB-friendly. These [three companies] all have different solutions, and they all complement our current lineup with CA, Symantec and Cisco [Systems].”

The distributor will carry WatchGuard’s Firebox Unified Threat Management appliance, TrustELI’s plug-and-play broadband security appliance and Anthology Solutions’ Yellow Machine terabyte storage appliance with built-in firewall.

“WatchGuard really brings their appliances specifically focused around threat management and firewall,” Schwab said. “Anthology Solutions is really a NAS device that has all the security technology on the NAS device instead of on the network. TrustELI is truly engineered for the ‘S’ in SMB. It is plug-and-play and incorporates all the key elements of security--privacy, firewall.”

D&H’s security business increased 54 percent last year and will continue to grow this year, according to Schwab. “It’s one of our top three fastest-growing segments, both in terms of revenue and breadth of customers selling the solution,” he said.

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D&H plans to add more storage and security vendors throughout 2006, he added. “They go hand in hand. We’re always looking for new technologies to complement our existing vendor lineup. In this space, there is new technology that didn’t exist a year or two ago. It’s not always the incumbents.”