Secure Computing Targets SMB Market With New UTM Wares


The SnapGear UTM appliances, picked up via the January acquisition, include stateful firewall, intrusion detection, VPN, gateway antivirus and Web filtering, and are compatible with Secure Computing’s Sidewinder G2 and TSP Enterprise products, said Rob Pollock, director of North American Channel Sales at San Jose, Calif.-based Secure Computing.

“These appliances allow us to extend our reach in the SMB and remote office space,” Pollock said.

The SnapGear appliances will enable Secure Computing to address areas of the market that have been difficult to reach, such as the SMB space and larger corporations with remote and branch office locations, said Travis Hartman, director of security services at NDS, a solution provider in Apex, N.C.

Solution providers should make good margins on the SnapGear line because they’re priced within the reach of a majority of the SMB market, said Anthony Giandomenico, president and CTO of Secure DNA, a solution provider based in Honolulu.

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“[The SnapGear products] don’t require a huge sales cycle because they’re not expensive.

That frees up resources for you to sell more,” Giandomenico said.

Kris Zupan, CEO and CTO of e-DMZ Security, a Wilmington, Del.-based solution provider, expects the SnapGear line to play well in the SMB space.

“We’ve found that they compare well to the smaller Cisco products, and they’re relatively straightforward from a configuration standpoint,” Zupan said.

Secure Computing is going into a market with several strong competitors, Zupan said. And because much of the SMB market is serviced through VARs and integrators, the types of partnerships Secure establishes will determine their success in this space, he added.

The SnapGear UTM appliance line features seven different models. They are available now starting at $249.