Managing The Spam Deluge

CipherTrust offers integrated approach

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CipherTrust, maker of e-mail security appliances, plans to unveil this week a management console and a new subscription service for additional protection against viruses and spam.

The new IronMail Central Management Console (CMC) is an appliance that lets customers configure and monitor multiple CipherTrust IronMail secure e-mail gateway appliances in an enterprise from one central location, said Matt Anthony, director of marketing at CipherTrust, based here.

Meanwhile, the new FirstAct service takes IronMail's antispam and security capabilities to the next level, said Steve Raber, CipherTrust president and COO. Based on CipherTrust's monitoring and analysis of spam activity, the service will provide administrators with rules, policies and signatures to block new spammer tools and techniques, Raber said.

>> A new console and antispam service will provide more control over unsolicited e-mail and viruses.


The service also will update customers with rules and definitions for new security threats and viruses before antivirus vendors can develop signatures, he said.

Stuart Maskell, director of marketing at NwTech, a security integrator based in San Diego, said spam is becoming an increasingly big problem for businesses, and CipherTrust offers an attractive solution for helping companies manage it.

"What we're finding is in corporations where spam was essentially a nuisance, it's reached the threshold where CIOs are demanding that IT managers find a suitable solution," he said.

The IronMail solution is appealing because it integrates antispam functions and antivirus protection and also can protect Web mail, Maskell said. IronMail incorporates Sophos' antivirus technology.

"The integration of the features and the fact that it is a network appliance make it a very winning solution," he said.

The new management console will address the challenge companies face when they adopt solutions such as IronMail,how to manage multiple numbers of the appliance across an enterprise.

IronMail CMC costs $30,000 to manage up to four IronMail appliances. It costs an additional $20,000 to manage from five to 10 IronMail appliances. Pricing for FirstAct starts at $1,000 per month. IronMail CMC and FirstAct are available immediately.

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