Trend Micro Unveils Expanded Enterprise Strategy

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Trend Micro Tuesday added new products and subscription-based virus protection services as part of an effort to expand its Enterprise Protection Strategy (EPS).

The antivirus vendor, based here, launched EPS in May. The strategy aims to fill the gaps in antivirus protection by helping companies safeguard their networks before new virus definitions are available and provide damage cleanup services after an infection.

To that end, Trend launched subscription-based Outbreak Prevention Services, which are designed to help companies implement policies to thwart new viruses through new versions of its InterScan Messaging Security Suite for the Internet gateway and ScanMail for Microsoft Exchange.

Under the expanded EPS, the services also are available through OfficeScan and ServerProtect for corporate desktops and file servers, ScanMail for Lotus Notes, InterScan WebProtect for ICAP and Web caching products, and Gatelock CE for broadband users in remote offices.

Trend Micro also announced Outbreak Prevention Services support for NetScreen Technologies Global PRO management console, which will allow policy deployment to NetScreen firewall/VPN devices.

In addition to the new services, the company unveiled enhancements to Control Manager 2.5, which provides centralized management for its products and services. The product, which includes new reporting capabilities, allows companies to automatically deploy outbreak prevention policies.

"This is our effort to help companies deal more effectively with mixed, hybrid threats," Dan Glessner, senior director of Americas marketing at Trend Micro, said of the expanded EPS.

Trend Micro sells its enterprise products solely through the channel, and EPS provides partners with new service offerings in both outbreak prevention and cleanup. The vendor provides attack-specific cleanup templates through its Damage Cleanup Server, OfficeScan and ServerProtect.

Kathy Johnson, director of sales at Johnson Consulting, a messaging solution provider and Trend Micro partner based in Woburn, Mass., said she expects the expanded EPS to provide her firm with service opportunities. Trend Micro's outbreak-prevention services will be useful for most companies, but some want more control and might not be comfortable with Trend Micro automatically deploying policy updates, she said.

Trend Micro also said it's extending its Virus Response Service Level Agreement, a guaranteed two-hour virus support service, to customers that buy any of its products. Trend Micro had rolled out the program last fall only for customers in selected premium support programs.

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