Make Over Your Favorite SMB

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A stack of black carbon paper and a bottle of Liquid Paper sit next to a typewriter. A rotary-dial phone rings every few minutes; each time it's answered, countless other callers are met with an annoying busy signal. A thick address book held together by rubber bands is nearly buried beneath paperwork.

Welcome to Kesten Plumbing, a 60-year-old business based in Brooklyn, N.Y., that was founded by my husband's grandfather and is now in its third generation.

Believe it or not, it's a comfort to me--an editor at this high-tech business magazine--to know Kesten Plumbing isn't the only company operating in the digital dark ages. All across the country, scores of small and midsize businesses have yet to update their operations. Perhaps it's not in their budgets. Maybe they're a tad bit afraid. Either way, they represent an exciting challenge for solution providers who'd love nothing better than to give them an IT makeover.

In anticipation of our Aug. 20 issue, the annual IT Strategies In SMB, we want to give you that opportunity. Tell us about an SMB you're itching to get your hands on--and why. How would you convince them to embrace technology? How would you explain ROI? What technologies and products would you recommend? What kind of training and ongoing support would you provide?

Please send your nominations by July 19 to Gayle Kesten. Our favorites will be highlighted in the SMB issue, complete with your recommendations for improvement.

And if anyone is in need of a good plumber...e-mail me.

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