Intel Working On Hardware-Based Platform Security Scheme

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Intel on Tuesday unveiled a hardware-based security scheme, code-named LaGrande, that is aimed at increasing data security across a variety of platforms.

First reveled at Intel's annual developer conference, which will run here throughout the week, LaGrande will build security functionality into the CPU manufacturer's next generation of processors and chipsets, said Paul Otellini, Intel president and COO.

Otellini was vague about the specifics of the plans, saying only the technology will protect system memory, executions and storage on or after 2003.

"Through processors and chipsets we will create a secure environment and also include privacy experts to make sure we do it in a way that is acceptable [to experts," he said.

Richard Wirt, an Intel fellow, said the technology would create safe data pathways within a system, secure vaults for data and security between data, keyboards and screens.

The technology is intended to work with existing software security initiatives on the market, Otellini said, adding that ultimately, security will need to move beyond software-only solutions.

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