WildPackets Upgrades Fault Analysis Platform

The software, available to channel partners on April 15, reduces network downtime by enabling real-time monitoring, analysis, and rapid troubleshooting of enterprise networks.

"We're targeting the enterprise for distributed analysis," said Brant Cooper, the company's vice president of corporate strategy. "Other companies focus on monitoring and indicating where problems are; we focus on where you go once you know."

While previous iterations of the Omni3 platform have offered similar functionality, the newest edition adds full-duplex Gigabit capabilities, enabling customers to troubleshoot global 10/100/1000 Ethernet networks from a single console.

According to Cooper, the Omni3 1.5 platform boasts other enhancements, too. The product consists of a centralized management console named OmniPeek, as well as PeekDNX, a distributed analysis application that uses the Omni3 packet services engine to perform local processing on network segments.

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The tool also boasts the ability to employ the WildPackets full-duplex Gigabit Analyzer Card, a feature that delivers full visibility into enterprise core networks. This card, introduced in WildPackets' GigaPeek NX last year, uses flow-through capture technology that eliminates limits on the length of a capture-and-analysis session, enabling sustained analysis over an indefinite period.

Because of its extensible architecture, Omni3 1.5 can communicate with high-level network management systems such as IBM Tivoli and HP OpenView. Omni3 1.5 bundles were expected to retail for $10,000.