Study Shows Big Uptake On DRM

By 2006, 20 percent of Global 2000 organizations with proprietary content will be using DRM, up from 2 percent today, the study claims. While today DRM is focused on managing content such as media and music, much of the future growth will instead be centered around ways in which content needs to be managed to handle privacy issues.

"More organizations need to realize that DRM solutions have the potential over the next three to five years to aid compliance with maturing privacy legislation - for example, implementing the role-based access that HIPAA requires," META Group security analyst David Thompson said in a prepared statement. "As this happens, DRM will emerge as an infrastructural element rather than a standalone technology solution."

The firm also noted that enterprises have been reluctant to commit to DRM because of the technology's "complex management, cumbersome implementation, and the high cost of questionable control."

This story courtesy of TechWeb

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