ISS Launches Three New Proventia Products for Channel

The first device, dubbed the Proventia M30, combines intrusion prevention and detection, firewall, VPN, antivirus, Web filtering and antispam functionality for complete protection in a single box.

The others, the Proventia G1000 and G1000F, combine similar integrated functionality to defeat threats in high-bandwidth, high-capacity networking environments. Each works at Gigabit speeds.

The devices are expected to be available to channel partners by April 15. According to Peter Tosto, director of product management at the Atlanta-based vendor, the products represent an overarching commitment to change the way ISS helps customers tackle threats.

"If you look at the way viruses are handled today, responding is too late," he said. "Businesses need to know that you've got protection against threats before they even materialize, and these products enable them to do just that."

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The devices receive updated protection for new software vulnerabilities to keep businesses ahead of the next threat. Information about new viruses and an up-to-the-minute list of critical threats was expected to come from X-Force, ISS' security intelligence team.

With the high-bandwidth devices, customers also receive the ISS SiteProtector centralized management system, an easy-to-use interface that enables network administrators to monitor network security from one device.

Larry Constanza, ISS senior vice president of North American sales, added that customers can deploy the devices in one of three modes: protection, passive and simulation. Constanza explained that the simulation mode is particularly helpful for organizations that want to ease into prevention, since it reports which traffic the appliance would have blocked but doesn't actually block any traffic itself.

He also noted that those customers who would rather outsource security completely can do so through an ISS-managed service offering. Under a promotion, solution providers can resell an ISS service to manage any of the three new devices. The service guarantee protection provides the reseller with a $50,000 cash payment if a security incident occurs.

The Proventia M30 supports up to 500 users and is scheduled to be priced at $3,495. The Proventia G1000 and G1000F are designed for user bases of more than 2,500; the G1000 is slated to carry a price of $34,995 and the G1000F is expected to sell for $36,995.