Sun, Deloitte Team For Employee Life-Cycle Management

ELCM combines employee resource provisioning tools from Sun's recently acquired Waveset Lighthouse product line with Deloitte and Touche's i-MAAP (identity-management, authentication, authorization, protection) program. The result is more reliable communication between HR and IT when it comes to providing or restricting network access, said Michael D'Eath, director of identity management at Sun, Santa Clara, Calif.

"Employees enter into the HR system and then, typically, a manual process begins to provision server space, laptops, files systems, etc. [ELCM] clears up a lot of the inefficiency in the hand-off between HR and IT," D'Eath said.

The ELCM offering is essentially PeopleSoft-centric but can be deployed to assist customers running SAP platforms, D'Eath said.

Deloitte and Touche, New York, is a major Sun reseller and will offer ELCM to its customers and partners. Sun will court the channel with ELCM as well as sell direct, D'Eath said.

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