Check Point Software Aims To Guard Entire Web Environment

The first, an appliance dubbed Check Point Connectra, integrates comprehensive Web security protection with network connectivity, and provides SSL VPN remote-access capabilities with integrated server and end-point security.

The second, an add-on feature named Web Intelligence, is software that enables Check Point products to integrate application-level protection with Web and back-end servers, providing an additional layer of defense.


Check Point's Ocampo: Products part of road map for intelligent Web security.

The two products deliver on a November 2003 product road map for intelligent Web security solutions and can be sold together to provide overarching security for the entire Web environment, said Dean Ocampo, product marketing manager at the Redwood City, Calif., vendor.

"As customers are moving toward the Web environment, hackers are moving there, too, and now most hack attacks are at the Web layer," Ocampo said. "With these products, we're simply trying to provide solutions that take this into account."

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Check Point channel partners said the new solutions would be good for business.

Gregory Flatt, CEO of Flat Earth Networking, Nashville, Tenn., predicted he'd be able to upsell the new solutions to many of his pre-existing Check Point customers. "One of the biggest challenges our clients have is deploying a Microsoft IIS server and not having any security on it," he said. "These solutions will enable us to put in a protective net in front of that Web server to [protect] against Web attacks."

Both products are slated to be available to partners by June. Connectra pricing is expected to begin at $10,000; Web Intelligence is $5,000.