AT&T Launches MPLS-based IP VPN Service

The service, appropriately titled AT&T Network Based IP VPN, extends IP VPN services over the firm's Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) network. It was expected to be available to channel partners by the end of May.

According to Rose Klimovich, vice president and general manager of AT&T Global Services, the new AT&T service delivers scalability, security, reliability and class-of-service features not found on traditional IP networks.

"These capabilities leverage our leadership in IP networking and VPNs and respond to customer need and demand," she said. "Using MPLS technology to assure security, we're giving companies that want to do more of their business on IP the capability to run critical applications."

Specifically, the solution enables businesses to run corporate networks and applications such as intranets, e-mail and extranets on an all-IP network, but keeps the applications securely separated from public Internet traffic, where they are more susceptible to security attack.

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The service also provides online usage reports through AT&T BusinessDirect, a proprietary Web portal that enables customers to perform a variety of network and routine management tasks.

Pricing for the new service was not immediately available.