WatchGuard Extends MSS Management To Firebox X

The new software, WatchGuard System Manager MSS 7.2, is a free download that enables existing customers of the company's Firebox X firewalls to upgrade their appliances to any higher model in the line by remotely activating a single software license key. The upgrade was released on Tuesday.

According to John Stuckey, vice president of marketing of the Seattle-based firm, the ability to upgrade all devices eliminates the need for channel partners and MSSPs to replace hardware when customers need additional performance or capacity.

"With the full model upgrade capability of the Firebox X line, network administrators can preserve hardware investments over a longer period of time," he said. "[The new software] gives them the flexibility to keep pace with evolving customer needs without incurring the expense of replacing hardware."

The software also enables MSSPs to use the six network ports on the Firebox X to segment customer networks by implementing firewalls between departments or divisions. This feature can be used to apply different policies to user groups or to devices that require additional security, Stuckey said.

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The WatchGuard System Manager MSS 7.2 is available for download at