StillSecure Launches End-Point Security Solution

The solution, dubbed StillSecure SafeAccess, was designed to protect against the latest worms and viruses and ensure that potentially damaging applications such as peer-to-peer or spyware software cannot take root inside a corporate firewall.

It also enforces compliance by matching user qualifications against preset policies. Mitchell Ashley, vice president of engineering and CTO at the Louisville, Colo.-based firm, explained that the solution works through a four-step process: define, connect and test, enforce, and report.

"End-point security is the next battleground in the quest to keep networks secure," Ashley said. "We're just trying to help our partners stay on top of that."

As Ashley explained, the four-step process begins when network administrators define the access policies. As devices access the network, SafeAccess tests them for compliance with designated policies.

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Test results trigger the appropriate enforcement. If a device meets policy requirements, it is allowed access into the network; if it fails to meet requirements, network administrators can opt to automatically deny access altogether or quarantine it to a specific portion of the network.

Ashley noted that SafeAccess is infrastructure-agnostic and works in all network environments. He added that unlike more traditional firewall solutions and other end-point security offerings, the solution also is scalable for a variety of user bases, and network administrators can set it up in less than a half-day.

Solution providers said this was perhaps the software's biggest selling point.

"The product is so easy to use, literally anyone can do it," said Rick Dacin, president of Coalfire Systems, Superior, Colo. "So many vendors want to talk speeds and feeds, but for us, it's all about ... practical use."

SafeAccess was expected to be available to StillSecure channel partners starting April 28.