GE Access To Distribute McAfee Network And Host-Based Intrusion Detection

The Westminster, Colo.-based distributor, through its Network Security Solutions group, will offer McAfee IntruShield and Entercept to solution providers, executives said.

"Data is the most important asset within an enterprise, and security plays an invaluable role in protecting this asset," said Scott Zahl, vice president of marketing and vendor relations at GE Access, in a statement. "McAfee products are a leading solution for protecting enterprise assets."

GE Access is the first distributor for McAfee IntruShield and McAfee Entercept, said Donna Troy, executive vice president for worldwide channels at Network Associates, Santa Clara, Calif.

"Offering our intrusion-prevention solutions through GE Access is an excellent opportunity to get our products in front of new network security resellers," Troy said. "Leveraging GE Access' relationships will help Network Associates continue to build on its leadership position within the intrusion-prevention market space."

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The McAfee IntruShield family includes IntruShield 1200 for midsize and remote offices, IntruShield 2600 for enterprise perimeter deployment, IntruShield 4000 for deployment at the core of the enterprise or data centers, and IntruShield Global Manager and IntruShield Manager security management solutions. The line provides realtime detection and prevention of network intrusions in enterprise and government networks. It also integrates patented signature, anomaly and denial-of-service analysis techniques, which enables attack detection and prevention at multigigabit speeds, according to Network Associates.

McAfee Entercept defends enterprises from known and unknown attacks, including buffer overflow exploits and worms such as Code Red, SQL Slammer and MyDoom, according to the company. The product family includes Entercept Management System, Entercept Web Server Edition, Entercept Standard Edition, Entercept Desktop Edition and Entercept Database Edition.