NetDetector Wards Off Network Attacks

The Niksun NetDetector, an appliance-based intrusion-detection system, combines packet-capture techniques with advanced reporting capabilities to protect enterprise networks. NetDetector runs on a solid FreeBSD platform, an open-source Unix alternative and leverages the abilities of the open-source intrusion-detection system SNORT to gather and analyze every packet transmitted over a network. The appliance can be configured with multiple NICs to monitor multiple servers or network segments. One of the unique features of NetDetector is the ability to treat each segment as a separate network, which makes investigations and intrusion detection easier. On the hardware side, Niksun provides a multiprocessor 2U rack-mounted unit with at least 2 Gbytes of RAM and as much as 1.46 Tbytes of storage.

NetDetector's browser-based console is simple to use and intuitive to learn, yet it provides an incredible amount of information. Administrators have the ability to track all packets, re-assemble packets and view complete sessions. These capabilities are enhanced by the unit's reporting abilities. What's more, NetDetector accomplishes these tasks in realtime, so an administrator can be alerted of an intrusion as it occurs, monitor the activity and then decide what course of action to take. The ability to reassemble network traffic extends to the file level, allowing administrators to examine file attachments, e-mails, instant-messaging sessions and almost any network activity.

Reconstructing traffic is simplified by the console, which offers a tabbed interface for viewing the most common activities, including Web-page reconstruction, e-mails, FTP, chat sessions and so on. Administrators can delve even deeper to monitor the activity of individuals to track what users did and when.

Other critical investigative information such as IP addresses, MAC addresses, and packet traces are readily available using the same in-depth investigative approach. The unit's canned reports offer excellent detail, allowing administrators to readily create paper archives of activities. All of the unit's reporting supports filtering, which allows administrators to focus on particular activities, users or addresses.

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NetDetector costs between $6,995 and $125,000.

Niksun requires solution providers to pass certification training to sell its product. Once certified, partners can receive on-site technical and sales training, sales and technical resources, joint sales efforts, joint advertising and co-op trade show opportunities and access to a dedicated partner Web site with technical support and other materials.

Niksun declined to disclose average solution provider margins, which vary based on revenue.

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