NeoScale Enhances Data Encryption Appliance


NeoScale unveiled the enhancements to its CryptoStor appliance at the Hewlett-Packard Americas StorageWorks Conference in Las Vegas. CryptoStor compresses and encrypts data as it's being sent to tape.

James Yu, vice president of business development at Milpitas, Calif.-based NeoScale, said the appliances now are compliant with LTO-3 drives. Originally, high-speed tape drives like LTO-3 could encrypt data to tape through the appliance, but performance took a big hit. But Yu said the new CryptoStor version solves the performance problem by adding pipelining, in which blocks of data are sent to tape without waiting for an acknowledgement from the tape drive that the data was received, thereby removing the bottleneck.

The CryptoStor appliances also are now compatible with OpenVMS, making them the first open-system encryption solution to work with the widely installed legacy VAX system base.

CryptoStor appliances are available through HP, EMC and Sun Microsystems sales channels, as well as direct to solution providers, Yu said.

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