TiVo Unveils HD-Compatible DVR

The Series3 HD Digital Media Recorder is the Alviso, Calif., company's first standalone product that is HD compatible. The device is expected to be available in middle of the month.

The new DVR contains an advanced chipset that lays the groundwork for future support of advanced download features from TiVo, the company said. TiVo has been moving aggressively in combining TV and the Web by offering to broadband subscribers services from entertainment portal Yahoo, movie ticket service Fandango, Web radio network Live365, and others. TiVo is also building out an interactive ad platform for advertisers.

Features in Series3 include dual tuners for subscribers to record two different shows in HD at the same time, while watching a third pre-recorded show. The box can record up to 32 hours of HD programming, or up to 300 hours of programming in standard definition.

The Series3 HD Digital Media Recorder is expected to sell for $800 at retail stores and through TiVo's Web site.

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